May I get your autograph

Can I have your autograph?

“Autograph session on Saturday”, it said on the banner. My ten year old son Ryan fidgeted with anticipation. “Please, please, may I go?” Begged our big sports fan. The fact that Ryan had just seen this player in action and had arranged to meet my husband for him to go there only made it more exciting. I wrote the date, time, and place on the calendar so my son wouldn't miss it. I even used it as a motivational tool for good behavior. If Ryan didn't behave, he couldn't go.

The big day was approaching. Ryan had a picture with him that he wanted to have signed. About an hour before the autograph appointment, he and his father were on our way. Even though they were early, they didn't come early enough. A queue of people was already winding around the building. Less than half an hour later they were back home. Only the first 150 people got an autograph that day. Ryan was devastated.

God is waiting.
When we ask God into our hearts and lives as Lord and Savior, He signs our hearts. He also writes our name in the book of life - which must be recorded in order for us to go to heaven (Revelation 21:27). God is ready to give his autograph to anyone who asks, but time is limited. And nobody knows when it will be over.

“But it is not as if the Lord is delaying his promised return, as some believe. No, he's waiting because he's patient with us. Because he does not want even one person to perish, but that all repent and turn to him ”, 2 Peter 3: 9, 10 NL.

Say it!
Have you allowed God to sign your heart yet? You don't have to stand in long lines hoping that God will have time today. All it takes is a simple confession: "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and if you believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved," Romans 10 , 9 NL.

Today is the day of salvation. Do not miss it!