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Pilsner or wheat? Our opinion!

At a party or festival, beer in particular is part of the standard range of drinks in addition to the relevant soft drinks. When planning a party, however, you have to decide which beer to buy. Even if there is a huge abundance of different types of beer and mixed beer drinks, the classics Pils and wheat should be the focus for you. If you're not a beer drinker, the choice can be difficult. We'll tell you what the differences are and which beer is the better choice for your party.

Few ingredients - many tastes

The German Purity Law is the oldest food law in the world and states that a beer can only consist of four ingredients, namely hops, yeast, malt and water. Nevertheless, a large number of flavors can be produced from it, the constantly changing composition of which makes every beer unique. The first difference is in the yeast. Pils is made from bottom-fermenting yeast, i.e. yeast that sinks during fermentation, and wheat from top-fermenting yeast, i.e. yeast that floats at the top during fermentation. This results in a slightly different alcohol content and taste. The second important difference is the malt. The usual malt is made from barley and is used, among other things, in Pils. Wheat is brewed using wheat malt, which gave this beer its name. In addition, the quantities of ingredients can be varied, which can further influence both the color and the taste.

The differences between pils and wheat

Both types of beer are very popular according to this page: https://www.beeradvocate.com/lists/de/

The two types of beer initially differ in the yeast used. Pils is brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast, while wheat is brewed with top-fermenting yeast. This influences the alcohol content and the top-fermenting yeast gives the wheat beer a subtle yeast aroma. The alcohol content of pils is very precisely 49%, while the alcohol content of wheat beer can be between 4.5% and 5%. While yeast contributes significantly to the taste of wheat, the malt does so in Pils. There is a difference between a light beer and a dark beer. The darker beer contains correspondingly more and darker malt. This creates a comparatively strong and more aromatic taste. The light malt for light pils gives the beer a clearer malt taste and the beer is also a little sweeter than a dark pils. The wheat beer, on the other hand, is even sweeter than the individual pilsner types and also contains more carbonic acid, which makes it a bit more refreshing.

The benefits of pilsner and wheat

Wheat is a fruity tasting beer with a distinct sweetness and very subtle aromas. Because of this and the high carbon dioxide content, this beer will also taste good to those of your friends who only drink beer occasionally. However, it is also a beer for connoisseurs. It is rarely drunk directly from the bottle, but prefers to sit out of the glass while sitting somewhere. Pils, on the other hand, is the most classic of all beers. It has a much stronger taste and is ultimately the preferred beer for every real beer drinker. It is also much more appropriate to drink a pilsner while standing from the bottle. Due to the strong taste, especially with a dark beer, it is only partially suitable for your friends if they rarely drink beer.

Which beer belongs at a party?

We cannot give you a very clear answer to this question, as both pils and wheat have advantages. First of all, something depends on the party. If it is more of a cozy get-together, then you can certainly offer your guests a wheat in a glass, which they can then enjoy in comfort. If it is a real, classic party, then Pils is much more appropriate. In fact, it has also been shown that Pils is sold or consumed in Germany in larger quantities than wheat. But even if Pils beers are more popular across Germany, this says nothing about your own guests. Despite the statistics, it may be that your guests are mainly people who prefer to drink wheat. If you were to offer these pils, they would probably not like it at all. A real beer drinker who has got used to the more intense taste of Pils will probably find a wheat beer boring, bland or tasteless, but still drink it when he is in the mood for a beer - even if a little less enthusiastic.

Ultimately, you should be able to offer both beers if you don't know in advance which beer your guests will prefer. However, we recommend that you buy more pils than wheat as it is simply more popular.

Special case: regional beers

A little homeland is also part of the choice of beer. There are local differences in the choice of beer. In addition, there are local breweries whose beer is locally popular, regardless of whether it is pilsner or wheat.

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Even if there is no clear answer to the question of the ideal party beer, Pils is the better choice and more popular with most.