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Hello astronomers (male / female),

I made a moon phase calculator that I disguised as a moon birthday calculator.

My actual idea was to be able to calculate the phases of the moon for any day. After I had that, the idea came up to calculate the following times with the same phases of the moon. The idea of ​​lunar birthdays came up, or to design the whole thing as a lunar birthday calculator. Lunar birthdays are the days on which the birth moon, i.e. the moon that shone on the day (sometimes only on the other side of the earth) on which you were born, shines again. Seen in this way, it is every 29, .. days. That was too intense for me. That's why I designed it on lunar years, with shift moons. So it really almost went in a different direction. It was then no longer important to me to calculate every date of each identical moon phase, because that seemed too much to me, but to adapt the calculations to the solar year (solar year calendar).

But the moon is the moon and it makes no difference between astrology and astronomy. So you can also start astronomical calculations with the calculator, limited. However, the calculations are not carried out on a supercomputer and I had to incorporate tolerances, which must be taken into account.

Long story short, the website:
There is an extensive information page, plus a new moon phase table from 2000 to 2100, in which the differences between the new moon phases are listed.
I am very sorry. There was a calculation error that has now been fixed.
The mistake was that the dates of the lunar birthdays in a few years deviated from the actual date by a lunar cycle + or -. So in a few years the date of the consecutive lunar birthday (same moon phase as at birth) was not displayed, but the date with the previous or next same moon phase (as at birth), different from the actual date of the lunar birthday. The calculation slipped forward or backward, so to speak. This is now fixed.
The thing with the apparent moon rotation / moon rotation is now shown in more detail and explained on the corresponding info page with graphics.
From now on under own domain:
I have changed / reprogrammed the website or the function of the website in the last few days. Previously, the calculations of the continuous phases of the moon for an entered date were based on solar years. So continuous phases of the moon near the entered date were displayed in steps of 1 solar year. The dates of the moon phases, or more precisely the moon illuminations, were not displayed in between. Now the phases of the moon are continuously per Lunar month from the date entered, limited to 1238 pieces (~ 100 solar years).

So now it is possible to calculate the repetition times of a certain moon phase within 100 solar years.

My idea of ​​the website with its function was that both astrologers and astronomers are addressed. So that it is not only interesting for scientifically, but also for more or less esotherically interested people. For the former, among other things, because of the terminator on the moon with regard to the casting of shadows when observing craters.

As a gimmick I had built in a PDF creator script (Javascript) some time ago. This means that up to 15 freely selectable repetition times of a moon phase can be saved in a PDF. The PDF can then be used either digitally or printed out and, if necessary, embellished as a gift.

Unfortunately, I am currently a little lacking the muse to exclude the results down to the last possible source of error. So if you would like to test the tool, just send us a message, preferably by email (see legal notice).
Link to the website:
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