How does playing time work in football?

Football rule duration of the game

How long does a football game last?

A game consists of two halves of a maximum of 45 minutes each Duration.
The game time can be shortened, but this decision must be made before the game and discussed with all parties involved. In addition, the competition regulations must allow this.
In principle, the playing time of under 16 year olds, women, over 35 year olds or disabled people can deviate from the stipulated playing time.

Playing times for men's and women's games

Men's team2 x 45 minutes
Women's team2 x 45 minutes

Playing times for youth games

A Juniors (U19 / U18)2 x 45 minutes
B Juniors (U17 / U16)2 x 40 minutes
C Juniors (U15 / U14)2 x 35 minutes
D Juniors (U13 / U12)2 x 30 minutes
E Juniors (U11 / U10)2 x 25 minutes
F Juniors (U9 / U8)2 x 20 minutes
G Juniors (Bambinis) (U7)maximum 2 x 20 minutes

Half-time break

  • The players are entitled to a half-time break.
  • This lasts fifteen minutes at most.
  • The duration of the half-time break will be determined in the competition regulations.
  • The duration of the half-time break can only be reduced with the consent of the referee and the captain.
  • The half-time break counts from the final whistle of the first to the kick-off of the second half.

playback time

The time lost for:

  • Substitutions,
  • Injuries to players,
  • Transporting injured players from the field of play,
  • Time wasting or
  • any other reason.

The time to be replayed is at the discretion of the umpire. If time is replayed, the referee must clearly show it to all involved in the last minute of the respective half of the season.
Time lost (e.g. interruption due to a thunderstorm) got to always be re-enacted.

Special feature of the penalty kick

If a penalty has to be taken or re-taken, play must be extended until the penalty has been taken.

Aborted game

An abandoned game will be retried, unless the competition rules stipulate otherwise.


If no decision has been made in decision or cup games during normal playing time, the game is over twice 15 minutes extended if the competition regulations so provide. Extra time must be played in full.

Men's team2 x 15 minutes
Women's team2 x 15 minutes

Extension for youth games

A Juniors (U19 / U18)2 x 15 minutes
B Juniors (U17 / U16)2 x 10 minutes
all other juniors2 x 5 minutes
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