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Ungoliant is the largest and most powerful of the spiders in the works of J. R. R. Tolkien.


Ungoliant was one of the spiders. Its origin is uncertain, but it must have been very powerful, as it confused even Tulkas and Orome with its darkness and was even able to defeat Morgoth after darkening Valinor. It is said that she came down from the darkness of Arda and was one of the first to be drawn to Melkor's side, but that she did not serve him long because she was too proud to be guided by anyone. She settled in the mountain fissures of Avathar in the south of Aman and lived there in a ravine.

She desired and hated light, ate it and spun nets of darkness out of it.

Melkor came to her in his terrible form, the tyrant of Utumno, and explained his plan to destroy the Two Trees. Ungoliant was afraid of the power of the Valar at first, but went with Melkor when he promised her anything she hungered for. Ungoliant enveloped them both with darkness and they reached Valinor over the Hyarmentir. At that time, a big festival was held in Valmar, at which Feanor and Fingolfin also got along. Melkor and Ungoliant reached the Ezellohar and destroyed the Two Trees by sucking and poisoning the Ungoliant after Melkor thrust his black spear through them. Nevertheless, Ungoliant was not yet full and she also drank Varda's well empty. That spoiled Valinor's noon.

After this act, Melkor wanted to flee with the Silmaril, but he could not shake off Ungoliant. So they fled together via Araman, the fog fields of Oiomúre and the Helcaraxe to Middle-earth. In the Lammoth area, Melkor wanted to go to the ruins of Angband, between which there was nothing but Hithlum, but Ungoliant stopped him. She forced him to keep his promise and he gave her all the treasures he had stolen from Formenos. He wanted to keep the Silmaril, but Ungoliant wanted to devour this too. Melkor struggled and Ungoliant enclosed him in nets of darkness. Then Melkor uttered a terrible scream, after which this area was named from then on. This cry was heard by the Balrogs in the deepest dungeons of Angband and they came to the aid of their master. They tore Ungoliant's nets to pieces and drove them away.

Ungoliant fled over the Ered Gorgoroth into the valley of Nan Dungortheb and mated with other spiders there.

Her fate is uncertain, but some claim that she eventually devoured herself in her infinite hunger.

other names

  • WirilómeWeaver of Darkness
  • Gwerlum, Gnomish translation from Wirilóme
  • Móru or Muru the Primeval night
  • DelduthlingNoldorin for Dread spider


  • The Quenya name Ungoliantë means Darkness weaver or Darkness spider.
  • Ungoliant is Sindarin and means "Old spider".
  • An alternative form of the name is Ungweliant (also documented in the forms Ungwe, Ungwe ​​Lianti and Ungweliante).
  • Ungoliant is used in some editions of the German translation of the SilmarillionsUngolianth written, but this notation is incorrect.


  • The spiders of the Bleak Forest, which Bilbo Baggins meets in the Little Hobbit, come from her lineage.
  • The last of their children was Shelob, whom Frodo, Sam and Gollum met. Beren met their brood.
  • In the first drafts of the Silmarillion you can still find a definitive end of Ungoliant, there she is killed by Earendil on one of his early trips.


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