Why doesn't Trump seem to be aging

Obesity, age, gender : Why Trump is considered a corona risk patient

There are a few things to be very careful about in the medical field. Remote diagnostics are part of it. Remote forecasting too.

If pretty much everyone is wondering what the prospects of US President Donald Trump are in view of his Sars-CoV-2 infection and now also his Covid-19 diagnosis, there is only one thing that can be said seriously: You cannot take it seriously say.

There are statistics on the “outcomes”, the ultimate consequences and, so to speak, final results of this disease, as well as how it “ends” on average for which groups of people. There are known risk factors. There are a few things you know about Trump and his overall physical and mental health that can be compared. But nobody, not even a US president, is an ideal average statistical case.

This is the most important thing you need to know right now: You can't know anything, nobody can predict how things will “go” with President Trump. It can be symptom and virus free in a few days. He can go about his business for a week or two from the hospital and then be back. It can also drag on for a long time and it can remain permanently weakened and suffer from side effects. He can become seriously ill, hang unconscious on a ventilator for weeks, even past the election deadline. He can recover completely from something like this, but also suffer permanent physical and brain damage from this ordeal. He can die from Covid-19.

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Donald Trump 74 years old. It is thus just below the threshold that doctors currently consider to be the highest risk group with regard to age. In the age group between 75 and 84 years, the probability of dying from Covid-19 is 18 percent. In the age cohort to which the president is still just a part, the figure is eight percent. But even that's just statistics, a year or two more or less is completely meaningless when it comes to an individual. And many very old people survive Covid-19 well and without intensive treatment.

Due to more experience and the new successfully tested drugs such as remdesivir (Trump gets it), hydrocortisone and dexamethasone (he could get it as soon as it gets more serious, only then would it make sense), however, compared to the statistical values, the chance is not quite suffering such severe or fatal courses has likely increased significantly. This is not yet visible in the statistics, if at all, because these are largely based on data in which these therapies have not yet been routinely used.

Nevertheless, the pulmonologist and intensive care doctor Christian Karagiannidis considers age and comorbidities to be the most important and main risk factors for Covid-19. “It is independent of the therapy, and we cannot influence either. Therefore we cannot expect miracles, especially in older patients over 75 years of age, ”he said recently in a Tagesspiegel interview.

Trump has a few risk factors

Donald Trump is a man. Men are at a higher risk of severe disease and death than women.

Donald Trump is white. Compared to a hypothetical African American of his age and other constitution, he has a statistically lower risk.

Donald Trump's state of health, relevant previous illnesses and the like - little is known about all of this that has been independently confirmed by doctors. His body weight is on the verge of obesity - a known risk factor. On the other hand, there is also data for older people in particular that show that in the case of serious illnesses, a higher weight when admitted to hospital even increases the probability of survival. Obviously, you simply bring “more reserves” with you.

Trump does not do sports, does not necessarily eat “healthy”, his Twitter statistics indicate that he does not sleep through the night and watches a lot of TV at night. These are all factors that are considered unfavorable.

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Donald Trump is the President of the USA. Although he would not be the first head of state to die in office of Covid-19 - Pierre Nkurunziza, the President of Burundi, has a high probability of succumbing to the disease. But Trump - unlike Nkurunziza, who was one of the "Corona deniers" and did not take the infection seriously and dragged it off - has received the world's best care, monitoring, therapy and support since his diagnosis. He is currently being treated with antibody therapy.

This has not yet been officially approved, but his doctors would not administer it if they believed that it would pose a significant risk to the president or that they would not be able to safely intervene in the event of possible complications. His blood values ​​will now be constantly monitored so that the risk of thrombosis or a heart attack, which are very often the actual cause of death with Covid-19, can be countered with medication in good time.

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