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Web platform

Take a stack of photos with you to your friends so that you can laboriously pass them around, that was yesterday. Today, photographers often upload photos from computers, smartphones or even directly from digital cameras to the Internet and share them with friends or other interested parties. One of the largest portals that offers the necessary online storage space is the Yahoo service Flickr. According to Jeff Bonforte, Senior Vice President Communications Products Yahoo, there were around 112 million Flickr users as of June.

Easy to use

If you register for free, 1 terabyte (1000 gigabytes) of storage space is huge. You can load photos directly into the online memory using your computer or smartphone app. In no time at all, they can even be edited in batches, for example given new titles or rotated. To keep track of the growing number of snapshots, you can create different albums, move them using drag and drop (grab and drag) or share them individually with individual people, groups of people or the public, if desired.

Flickr tutorial

(English, from Kweisch on Youtube)

Public or private?

The service is easy to use and has a small tutorial. On the left side you will find many settings and data protection options that you should take a close look at. This allows you to limit the number of people who should have access to the photos. In addition, under Licensing you can specify which rights others should have to your photos. If you do not want the images to be redistributed, select the None option here (all rights reserved).

Flickr as a photo community

On Flickr, photos from other members can be rated, commented on or recommended to other people. Photographers with the same interests can get together in groups and communicate with each other. There are groups that meet regularly in real life and talk shop about their common hobby.

Keywords for photo content

In order to further facilitate the overview, links, so-called tags, can be created. You can assign the images to a person or a place, for example. Flickr has recently started to search independently for such tags that are either contained in the photos themselves or can be deduced from the motif. This did not meet with approval from all users, as some embarrassing errors occurred during the trial phase. The English newspaper The Guardian, for example, reported a picture of a dark-skinned person who, among other things, had been postponed as a monkey. Flickr then began removing the bad tags. In any case, it is advisable to check any existing tags very carefully and to replace them with your own if necessary. This means that only the data that you actually want to publish goes online.

Clever helper

Managing your images is even easier with the Flickr Uploadr. The free tool automatically loads images from folders you have previously defined onto the online platform, without you having to do anything. It even automatically filters out duplicates before the upload begins. Unfortunately, the software is only available in English).

Be careful when licensing photos. You can find more information under this link.


Even in a darker environment

The Canon EOS 6D has a full-format image sensor that enables detailed images with minimal image noise, even at high light sensitivity values ​​(ISO). Videos are recorded in full HD quality. The EOS Remote app (iOS, Android) enables various functions to be controlled remotely, including triggering via WiFi. Photos can also be copied to other devices over the network. The GPS chip, which is also integrated in the high-quality housing, can hold the location data of the photos on request, which is an advantage later when archiving the photos.

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App tip

Prevent traffic jams

Those who have had enough of the morning traffic jam can show how to keep the traffic flowing in the strategy game Does not Commute. It all starts with a leisurely drive through a small town in the 1970s, when there weren't many vehicles on the streets. But other road users such as school buses, sports cars or even sausage stands quickly join in. The player tries to get the vehicles to their destination on time and accident-free with precise planning. The game is very fun, at the beginning you have to have a certain tolerance for frustration - the game demands strategic skills.

Does not Commute: free (with in-app purchase option) for iOS and Android.