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The chakras and Kundalini energy

The teaching of the chakras, as an important part of the energy body and the energy system, is closely linked to Kundalini energy in the Hindu tradition. Kundalini power is described as a sleeping potential of consciousness, which is created in the root chakra, is activated through spiritual practice and then rises through the cleansed and opened chakras to the crown chakra, which leads to enlightenment (2nd degree). The Kundalini is symbolically referred to as the serpentine power. People with Kundalini experience have actually told us of the physical feeling that an energetic serpent is winding up through their body.

Kundalini in Tantra and Yoga

The knowledge of the process of Kundalini awakening is mainly passed on in Tantra, a special spiritual stream within Hinduism and Buddhism. Such tantric techniques are also taught in yoga, especially Kriya Yoga.

Ascension of Kundalini through Shushumna, Ida and Pingala

The most important channel in this process is the central Shushumna canal, which is physically roughly represented in the spinal canal of the spine. This central nadi is surrounded by two other important nadis: Ida and Pingala, which are located to the left and right of the Shushumna-Nadi and correspond to female and male qualities and end in the two openings of the nostrils.

Ida and Pingala wind ascending from the root chakra around the Shushumna-Nadi and at their four crossing points are the middle four chakras, with their important nerve centers and endocrine glands.

The flow of energy from the base of the spine, through the 7 chakras and up to the crown chakra represents the ascent from physical consciousness (prakriti) to cosmic unity consciousness (samhadhi).

Nadis and Prana

The chakras are energy centers for receiving, transforming and distributing life energy or Prana, as it is called in Sanskrit. This subtle energy circulates in different vibrational states in the subtle bodies and a system of energy channels or channels, the so-called nadis. The Vedas speak of 72,000 nadis, if smaller nadis are included, some even speak of 300,000 nadis, each of which has certain functions and supplies certain areas of the physical body with energy.

Awaken / activate Kundalini

It is ultimately unclear which factors exactly lead to the activation of the Kundalini power. There are various techniques that are supposed to help awaken this power and also energy transfers (shaktipat) that serve this purpose. Whether these methods are useful, however, is controversial, because the tremendous power of Kundalini can also cause damage in an unprepared body.

Kundalini activates itself, or through an act of grace, when the person has reached a corresponding consciousness - when his energy system is sufficiently energized and a high level of vibration has been reached. If the Kundalini is activated, it can take on the role of a “pipe cleaner” in this process, helping to free the field, the chakras and the central energy channel from blockages and thus opening the entire system for the inflow of the cosmic consciousness of the soul.

The more blockages there are, the stronger the Kundalini experience. The more open a system is when activated, the more subtle it is to work with Kundalini. In the liberated state, neither the Kundalini nor the chakras are strongly perceptible, as it is above all the “energetic friction” that makes them noticeable.

Through the ascending Kundalini, the descending flow of energy of the soul can now flow unhindered into the system and express itself fully through all bodies. In part, this already takes place before a stronger Kundalini activation, so that this does not happen “with a bang” in all cases.

Light flow and Kundalini energy

The ascending, liberating flow of energy of the Kundalini enables the descending, light flow of the soul to fully incarnate into the physical envelopes. This enables a life as a realized soul, which is at the same time completely present in the body and anchored in the transcendent reality of cosmic consciousness.

This state is called "Nirvikalpa-Samadhi" in Tantra Yoga and is reached when the Kundalini power rises from the root chakra and unites with the descending cosmic consciousness of the soul.

Kundalini meditation and yoga

In yoga there is a separate school only for awakening and promoting the Kundalini energy in the body, Kundalini Yoga. Certain physical exercises, but also meditations, mainly referring to the chakras affected by the Kundalini, are used. Chakra yoga and chakra meditation offer one of the most helpful techniques for awakening the Kundalini in the root chakra and for promoting its ascent to the crown chakra, but also to accompany the return to the root.

Kundalini, Shiva and Shakti

Indian mythology has a beautiful picture for this process:

It tells of a point in time before the time when everything was one, united in a single, unified consciousness. From this unity two forces were born, symbolized as the male god Shiva, symbol for the consciousness of the Absolute, and his consort Shakti, symbol for the active energy of creation. Through the separation of the unity into this male and female elemental force, a separation of consciousness and matter (in all its coarse and fine forms) arose - and thereby creation.

Kundalini-Shakti, the female elementary force of creation, lies asleep in the root chakra of every single person and waits to reunite with her husband Shiva, through which the consciousness of the unity of all things is regained. It is symbolized in yoga by a sleeping snake that lies curled up at the base of the spine.

Kundalini-Shakti can be awakened through a process of purification and energetic activation - mostly through certain meditations and breathing techniques - and then rises through the Shushumna-Nadi and all chakras to the crown chakra, where the two energy flows unite.

Kundalini and Kaduceus: The Caduceus

We are also familiar with the image of Ida, Pingala and Shushumna in the western world: in the Caduceus (Kaduceus), which is still the symbol for all healing professions, we find a representation of these three nadis. The staff itself is the Shushumna-Nadi, around which Ida and Pingala wind. The staff ends with a ball flanked by wings - a symbol of the liberated soul. As in the chakra system, all three channels arise from the root chakra, Ida and pingala cross four times at the points of the chakras.

Author: David Rotter


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                • Hello,

                  I have a question. What does 2nd degree enlightenment mean?
                  I have to admit that this whole topic of esotericism and what is behind it is very new to me and it is damn hard to find people who can really help you. My intention was never to get involved in the superordinate, because it was not clear to me until one incident that there was more. I am fundamentally very skeptical of religions or different beliefs that target large numbers of people. Because this creates a power and dependence on me that no one can really handle. The only thing that really excites me about "esotericism" is that it is respected, that everyone has their own way.
                  Something happened to me two years ago. I started doing tai chi. Was there 2 or three times and, for whatever reason, I had the feeling that the system was quickly clear to me. I told my teacher that I can feel all meridians, and she said that it couldn't be. Only very experienced people could do that. So I thought, well, then it probably can't be. I continued to watch myself and once even felt all of my organs. It was really a really cool feeling. I just had no idea how I did it and how I can do it again.
                  Which I didn't care either, because it was of no direct use in my life. What I was always looking for was a state of blockage. That you just run "smoothly". At that time, my world consisted only of the material.
                  At some point I realized that I had an imbalance in my body. That the left half of the body does not coincide with the right. Then I took my hands and thought to myself, maybe you can join the halves and all of a sudden a net was stretched in my body that went into all corners and ends of my body. Also in the head, but then I didn't know exactly whether it was right and I stopped it there. After this incident, I had a stability that I had never known in my entire life. I could move with absolute precision. And it didn't go away anymore. Two days later I had played soccer and everything was different. I could clearly see that my opponent cannot follow me in my movements. Everything was just like chess. Except that my condition couldn't keep up. During the game, I had the feeling that everything in my body was realigning and suddenly it tore me down as if I had collapsed inside myself (not physically).
                  Since then, I've been trying to find out what that was. Because since then, everything has somehow become pointless. I feel all sorts of things inside of me, but I can't use it. It distracts me so much that it is hard for me to focus.
                  Does that make any sense?

                  • Hi Michael,

                    that makes perfect sense. To be able to feel the meridians / nadis is a skill that not many people actually have, hence the skepticism of your Tai Chi teacher. For almost everyone it takes a long time to learn to feel the etheric body. In my perception, however, we can also “bring” such abilities with us and then we still need to rediscover and uncover them. That seems to be the case with you.

                    What do you mean by "use"? “Superpowers” ​​like the soccer game you describe? If I were you, I would not strive for that purposefully, but simply register it as a side effect.

                    What you can do, however, is to use this perception to feel and release blockages / imbalances - this is what happened when you had the experience with the two halves of the body. This has a great advantage, because you can feel things and solve them very early - before they have to manifest themselves physically or in your life.
                    I would advise you to also include the emotional level in your feeling.

                    So, if you like: feel where the energy doesn't flow, where things “don't run smoothly”, as you say. Feel into it and try to perceive the area very consciously and without judgment and to relax into it - as if you were completely immersed in it with your loving consciousness. Also feel whether an emotional perception is connected to it and just feel both together. If you can keep this perception simple in power, love and equanimity, that is often all it takes to resolve it. Even spontaneous impulses (like with the hands in your example) are often helpful, without always having to understand why.

                    If you like, try generally to feel things, people, places more than see them. Feel what kind of charisma they have and how this charisma touches your energy, how it feels. Try to feel the essence of things. This will sharpen your sensitivity even further.

                    I promise you that deepening this sensitivity will have a great impact on your life - even if superpowers may not show up right away

                    best regards