How accurate are Theranos blood tests

Start-up Theranos declares tens of thousands of blood tests invalid

With her company, the American Elizabeth Holmes promises painless blood tests. But these are apparently not always correct.

For years, Elizabeth Holmes was hailed as a start-up superstar. At the age of 19, the American founded a company that is now worth billions and offers blood tests that require just a few drops of blood from your finger. But then the case came: In January 2016, an official examination of Theranos revealed several legal violations, above all practices "that pose a direct threat to the health and safety of patients".

Now it has also become known that Theranos himself has invalidated tens of thousands of results of his blood tests. All tests from 2014 and 2015 with the company's Edison test devices are affected, reports "", citing the "Wall Street Journal". It cannot be ruled out that patients were not treated correctly because of the wrong tests, the report said. The following example shows that this could even have fatal consequences: Stroke patients who are given blood-thinning medication based on laboratory results could die of internal bleeding.

US authorities accuse Elizabeth Holmes of lack of transparency and the use of unqualified personnel. In general, there is a suspicion that the company's promising blood test is not really working.

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