How much does Twitch Prime cost per month

Internet What is Twitch Prime?


The streaming service Twitch has been part of the online retailer Amazon since 2014. The Twitch Prime offer has been around since then - now Prime Gaming - which is free for Amazon Prime customers. In this article we explain what this is all about.

Twitch Prime is part of Amazon Prime

Twitch is a platform for streams. Mainly you can watch streams of video games there, but also live events. The paid version of Twitch was formerly called Twitch Turbo - it has been part of Amazon Prime since Twitch was acquired by Amazon in 2014. As a result, Twitch Turbo was first renamed Twitch Prime and then Prime Gaming.

Twitch Prime costs

You can only use Twitch Prime if you are an Amazon Prime customer. Then you don't have to pay anything extra, just link your accounts for Amazon Prime and Twitch. You can find out how to link Twitch and Amazon here. An Amazon Prime account currently costs 69 euros a year - or 7.99 euros per month.

Twitch Prime Benefits: No Ads, Monthly Loots

The advantages of Twitch Prime: In contrast to the free version, there is no advertising. You will also receive a free loot every month. This includes, for example, game content or even entire PC games. You can access it from the crown icon. There you can also see when a new loot is available.

You also get a free subscription every 30 days. You don't pay anything for this - the streamer you subscribe to will still receive their share of the money. After the 30 days, this subscription will automatically expire, you can then switch it on again - or subscribe to another channel.

In addition, Twitch Prime gives you more emoticons and chat colors. If you buy a physical video game from Amazon, you also get a 2 euro discount. Prime users are marked with a crown on Twitch. For a detailed explanation of what Twitch is, read this article.