What are SEO SEM and SMM

Online Marketing - Search, Social Media, Network Marketing from a single source


Of Web design andWebsite creation up to complete Online Marketing Campaigns we offer you a wide range of internet marketing services from a single source.

Anyone who thinks that the Internet is 20 years old and established is wrong. Everything we have seen in online marketing so far is just the beginning (from the beginning ;-). The subject is so dynamic that we cannot yet foresee where the Consumer attention in two, let alone ten years. We see soon Advertising in virtual reality, similar to the product placement of films? Or become us robots with theirs artificial intelligence soon say what to buy next while we can (should) only confirm this?

One thing is clear, these days marketing is no more than Push marketing can be sustained. While local searches are still fairly easy, marketing on a larger scale is becoming more and more complex. Consumers are getting better and better informed, they consciously filter out advertising (AdBlocker), refuse clicks or trust real recommendations instead of “falling for” advertising slogans. Well, unfortunately, a lot of bad marketers always ruin the market a bit.

With Inbound marketing We support you with measures to achieve long-term success on the Internet.


In addition to SEO, SEA, SEM we offer:

Content Marketing / Inbound Marketing

  • It all starts with great content
  • become an authority
  • Create and maintain a brand
  • bind the interested parties in the long term
  • support you with PPC and display advertising
  • transform them into customers
  • Measure the success

Social media marketing

  • Achieve greater viral reach in the right audience
  • scale as high as you want
  • Receive valuable feedback
  • Create and maintain a brand
  • bind the interested parties in the long term
  • Measure the success

Web design / website creation

  • Web design / website creation
  • Technical (SEO) advice on launch
  • Individual programming (HTML / PHP, etc.)
  • WordPress CMS (SEO & Design)

Email Marketing

  • economically
  • very good in combination with presales & content marketing
  • brings you personalization & customer loyalty
  • Cross- & upsales from existing customers
  • Fast, measurable results

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