All military personnel wear dog tags

Dog tag

For many years, dog tags were only known from the military. The identification tags for soldiers are used for unambiguous identification and still have to be worn by members of the military in many countries. Today many celebrities wear dog tags as individual jewelry.

Famous rappers and rock stars in particular began to adorn themselves with dog tags in the mid-1990s. They quickly became an integral part of any hip hop video, especially Eminem made dog tags his trademark and quickly found a lot of imitators. The small, mostly silver leaves can be provided with personal initials or brief life wisdom and, thanks to their simplicity, never seem intrusive. So the piece of jewelery found its way through the music and onto the red carpet. The luxury industry quickly discovered the trend and so Versace adorned its models with dog tags instead of elaborate statement jewelry and created a real hype around the dog tags.
Today you can easily order dog tags on the Internet. There you have the opportunity to customize the design. For example, you can give your partner a dog tag as a token of love or give your best friends a reminder of a certain event. In addition, many parents use the stylish companions as jewelry for small children. Should these ever get lost or worse, the dog tags will ensure their identity and address. Advertising has also recognized the trend factor of dog tags and uses them as merchandising products. Small, discreet advertising messages are printed on the brands and are so stylish and sales-promoting at the same time.
It is best to style dog tags with simple, sporty looks. In skinny jeans and a white T-shirt, both women and all men look casual. If you like it provocative, choose the accessory for the army jacket and complete the military style. Dog tags are sure to be style classics for many years to come and are worth an investment.