How do I train my subconscious

Program your subconscious: in 4 precise steps!


Our subconscious is an exciting phenomenon. It works according to its own rules and unfortunately doesn't always do what we actually want.

Just as our subconscious develops, so we can influence it ourselves and make it work for our goals.

In this article you will learn how our subconscious ticks, what it wants and what not and how you can program your subconscious so that it is useful to you.

Content of the article:
How does our subconscious work?
1. It learns and saves
2. The subconscious is like a small child
3. It makes decisions all the time
4. Your subconscious stores everything
How can you program your subconscious?
4 steps to program your subconscious
1. Bring your subconscious on your side
2. Take a close look at what it is holding you back from
3. Consciously change your thoughts
4. Change your routines

How does our subconscious work?

On the one hand we have a consciousness. A “space” in which we are clear about what is happening.

Thoughts that we know are there and what they mean (mostly at least).

A place where we make “conscious” decisions. We know that there are alternatives A and B and we specifically choose one of them.

We know what we are doing and what we are thinking.

And on the other hand there is the subconscious. This initially eludes our perception. At least the kind of perception that makes up our consciousness.

The subconscious has its own "rules" and sometimes it seems like it controls us more than we'd like.

But how exactly does it work?

1. It learns and saves

The subconscious picks up everything that happens. And then this information is saved and called up again in the way the subconscious thinks it would be good for us.

That is the primary purpose of the unconscious: it is part of us and wants us to be safe.

It protects us! The whole time!

You can think of it as a storage medium. A hard drive or a USB stick.

In the beginning it's just empty. There is nothing on it.

But gradually it fills up with information.

It learns that the stove top is hot and that it hurts when you reach on it.

It learns how to start, steer and shift a car.

It learns which words it has to string together in order to create an understandable sentence.

It learns that it will only get love if it does what mom asks.

And it learns that having a lot of money is bad. Because rich people are idiots.

The subconscious is “described” throughout its life. It learns through sensory experience.

If we touch the stove and it hurts, it's an experience. Maybe it sometimes takes more than one of these experiences to get the message across, but at some point the subconscious will clearly save: hot stove = attention.

And if someone tells us for years: “You are a bad person if you don't get good grades”, then the subconscious picks it up in exactly the same way and learns: “I'm only good if I'm good and hardworking. Only then will I be loved. "

And that's how it is described and edited and stored all the time.

The disadvantage of this is that things can be saved that harm us.

If the subconscious is stored: “Only amiable, if hardworking!”, Then it can be very uncomfortable for lazy people.

Or if someone consciously wants to be rich but has heard half their life that being rich is negative, then they may unconsciously prevent themselves from that goal.

Our subconscious doesn't care how we feel at the moment. It just wants to protect us. And according to the rules that it has learned.

So unconscious routines and behaviors can creep in that the subconscious thinks would be good for us, but unfortunately they do us more harm than good. For example, such beliefs as described above.

2. The subconscious is like a small child

The subconscious is not rational. Not like the conscious mind.

When the advertising says: swallow this pill and you will immediately lose 20 kilograms, then the rational mind says: “Never in your life. This is total nonsense. ”And at that very moment the subconscious says:“ What if it does? I have to try it out first ... "

Sometimes it's curious and sometimes it's scared. It lets itself be absorbed in the moment and makes decisions immediately.

It wants to protect us and takes the easiest way to get there. Exactly as it has just learned.

3. It makes decisions all the time

Imagine if you made every decision consciously. So really everyone. Your day would look something like this:

The alarm clock is ringing.

"Hmm, should I turn the alarm off or let it ring? And should I open my eyes or let them? And the next breath is also your turn. And then? I get up? How do i get up First with your head? Or with your hands? Or is it your feet? The left or the right? And then? Where do I go? What am I doing? How do i go Am I going at all? ... "

You can already see how far you've come! You're still in bed ...

If you had to make all these mini-decisions consciously, then your mind would be completely overwhelmed.

All of these small decisions are made by your subconscious for you. It lives by routines and habits and does what it knows will work. And that's usually what it's always done.

4. Your subconscious stores everything

While your conscious mind can only store a few things, your subconscious stores everything.

It remembers things that your consciousness doesn't even notice.

Again, it is doing you a huge favor. Because your consciousness would be completely overwhelmed with this task.

How can you program your subconscious?

How does the programming work now?

Skeptics say yes: I don't want to program myself. That's manipulation.

Yes, that's exactly.

And that's exactly what happens every second of your life!

Your subconscious is programmed every second. Because information is constantly pouring down on it. And how this information is received is decisive for how it is stored.

Let's take a simple sentence:

"You're too late."


"You're too late again."

A little word that makes a big difference. Because with the word "again" in this constellation a different association is awakened in our subconscious than without this word.

That is manipulation. And that's programming.

And since that happens anyway, the only question that arises is: Do you want to consciously influence it or not?

If not, others will do it!

Incidentally, this is how you can protect yourself against unwanted manipulation: By knowing what is happening. In which you can see how others proceed. By seeing in advertising, for example, which means are used to evoke which associations in you.

And as soon as you recognize it, you can freely decide!

4 steps to program your subconscious

1. Bring your subconscious on your side

Especially if you have the feeling that your subconscious is sometimes in your way, blocks you or puts obstacles in your way, then don't fight it.

Do not make your subconscious your enemy, but acknowledge it for what it is doing.

Make the following clear to yourself: Even if it doesn't feel so good at the moment and you have the feeling that you are your own enemy, your subconscious means well to you!

It wants to protect you! It ALWAYS has a positive motivation.

Acknowledge that. No, even more: be grateful for it!

Thank your unconscious for being so loyal to you and taking care of you. No matter in what way it does that. Just thank him for the intent.

2. Take a close look at what it is holding you back from

Do you want to be rich and feel like you are holding yourself back from it?

Do you want more contact with people and think that you are standing in your own way?

Do you want more success in life and are you blocking yourself?

In order for you to solve the problem, you have to see it first.

That means: Just knowing that you are holding yourself back is not enough.

Research what exactly and why you are holding yourself back from it.

Ask yourself (also in writing or with the help of a friend / coach etc.) what exactly you want to protect yourself from. What exactly does your subconscious want to avoid?

Get to the bottom of this question (there are also great exercises in my video course: Successful programming) and solve exactly that.

You do this by proving to your subconscious that everything is possible differently than it might think. Does your subconscious think that being rich is bad and bad? Then look at people who are rich and nice and good! There are!

3. Consciously change your thoughts

Your unconscious "sends" thoughts into your consciousness from time to time.

It can then go like this:

“They are all stupid at work. I don't like them at all. "

"Oh, this is an annoying day. Today everything goes wrong too. "

I bet you can think of a few other examples yourself.

BUT: Whenever that happens, then consciously change these sentences yourself!

If you notice that you are thinking something that is not beautiful, then change that thinking into something beautiful.

Then rather think:

“My work colleagues are just as human and have their stresses. And they all have their good points. I still remember exactly how Michael made me laugh the other day ... "

“Ok, the day was a bit exhausting. But then I'll make the best of it now, take a bath, relax and think about the vacation that lies ahead of me. "

It is up to you (well, more in your head) to think what you want to think. And every time you change your thinking, you also reprogram your subconscious!

4. Change your routines

Your subconscious loves routines and habits. That makes it a lot easier for him.

So give him exactly that!

Do you want to be richer?

Then work on it every morning from 6-7 a.m. Every morning!

Do things regularly. In such a way that your subconscious learns: Ah, that's how it works!

It feels good in routines. So do things habitually that are useful to you and your subconscious will be happy to play along!