How is the hostel life of IITs

When do I start preparation and how do I apply for an Aviation MS?

Well I think you probably asked in time. There are quite a number of competitive exams to be admitted to most universities except INDIA (India requires GATE-AE qualification to do Masters in IIT).

  • If you are aiming for Masters in the US, you will need to write IELTS or TOFEL and GRE. Unlike the USA, other European countries only look like IELTS, where Germany has so many good universities. But you have to learn the German language.
  • IELTS exams test your level of communication, with GRE analyzing both quantitative and verbal levels.
  • If you want to get into one of the best universities, prepare immediately and get a decent result. Start your application process as soon as possible.
  • Before starting the whole procedure, first decide which subject is the most interested and do the relevant projects in the last year. (It might be better if you do projects more)
  • If you are interested in paper publications, contact your college professor for more information
  • The higher the GPA, the higher the chances of admission. To the best of my knowledge, you should maintain 3 GPA to study in reputable universities
  • The usnews, qsrankings, ubergrad, msinus, and dumm websites can provide relevant information about the university, including the admission fee, number of credits, scholarship availability, and the research institution.
  • In conclusion, I want to say that you need to be clear about your goal.

You can start preparing for GRE and TOEFL and complete them before the 6th semester. Depending on your GRE Q score, you can choose your university from 36 universities. A GRE Q value of 160 plus is preferred by most universities for the MS Aerospace Engineering program in the United States.

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