Who is the most beautiful hindu god

Animal names after Hindu gods

There are over 100 gods in Hinduism. We have selected the most beautiful names of gods for you here.

Do you think your cat is hanging around the curtain like a little monkey? Maybe she feels like the Hindu monkey god Hanuman. Just a joke! In addition to the names of the gods, the following list also includes the duties of the gods. You can learn more about mythological animals in Hinduism below.

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AmritaGod of the elixir of life
ArunaGod of the dawn
BrahmaLord of creation
ChandraMoon god
DurgaGoddess of Perfection
Ganesha"Elephant god", god of obstacles
Hanuman"Monkey god", god of learning, patron god of the villages
IndraGod of Heaven, Storm and Wealth
PotashGoddess of death, destruction and renewal
KrishnaGod of gods
LakshmiGoddess of Beauty, Happiness and Wealth
ParvatiGoddess of husband and mother love
PushanGod of the ways; Protector of travelers
SarasvatiGoddess of wisdom and learning
ShivaGod of fertility, destruction and death
VataWind god
VayuGod of the wind, the air and the breath of life; also called Pavana
VishnuGod of Conservation
YamaGod of Death
The third largest religion on earth

Hinduism is the third largest religion on earth and has its origin in India. Hindus treat all living things with great respect, even animals as small as insects. They assume that life and death is a cycle that repeats itself over and over again.

According to their belief, all living things have a soul, not just humans. Yes, even in plants they see the divine. While all animals are considered divine in Hinduism, there are some that are particularly important to Hindus. There are cow, monkey, snake, elephant, tiger, peacock and rat.

Mythological animals
Airavatawhite elephant; Mount of Indra
Arushared horses of the sun god
ChakoraBird; dwells on the moonbeams
Dawonholy tiger
Garudamighty eagle; Mount of Vishnu
Kaliyafive-headed snake
Makaradivine mount; Mount of Ganga and Varuna
Mayuraholy bird from the feathers of Garuda
NagaSnake deity
NandiBull; faithful mount of Shiva
SaramaBitch of the gods; brings back stolen cows to Indra
SharabhaLion and bird at the same time
VasukiGiant snake

• Makara

Makara is the mount of the two river gods Ganga and Varuna. However, it is not a horse, but a hybrid being that carries its owner across the water. In illustrations, Makara often has the snout of a crocodile, the head of an elephant and the body of a fish. In astrology, Makara corresponds to Capricorn. Makara could be a name for a fish, a reptile or a horse.

• Nandi

Nandi is a bull and Shiva's mount. He is considered the patron god of all four-legged animals. His name means something like "the happy one".

• Sarama

Sarama is a bitch who brings back stolen cows from the god Indra. Sarama is a very nice, soft-sounding name that goes great with dogs that like to fetch. For example, bring back sticks, balls or frisbees.

Garuda - Illustration: Irina Simkina / Shutterstock

• Garuda

Garuda is half human, half eagle. Its head is human, its body is that of an eagle. He is Vishnu's mount and a kind of messenger of the gods who brings people messages from the gods. The name goes perfectly with a bird that chirps or maybe even talks a lot.

• Sharabha

Sharabha has the body of a lion and the head and wings of a bird. Because it has eight legs, it can jump over large valleys in one go. Wouldn't that be a good name for a cat jumping from bookshelf to bookshelf?

Airavata - Illustration: Irina Simkina / Shutterstock

• Airavata

Airavata is a huge, completely white elephant and the mount of the Hindu deity Indra. But that alone is not what is unusual about him. It also has four tusks and seven proboscis. Maybe you have a pet that literally sticks its nose into everything like it has seven of them. Or a rodent that “examines” everything with its teeth?

• Naga

Naga is a snake creature represented as a snake (usually a king cobra) or a human with a snake's head. Nagas have the magical ability to transform themselves into people. However, those who treat their environment with respect need not fear the Nagas.

Animal names according to Hindu gods - Illustration: Sasikumar3g / Shutterstock