What's the best ebooks app

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E-books have several advantages over printed copies: You can carry entire libraries around with you without any weight, and new and old literature can be found in online shops much faster than when visiting the bookstore. The prices are also better, and with the right e-book reader, browsing is at least as much fun. Who still insists on the smell of paper, the feel and showing off with bookshelves that weigh a few pounds?

But if you keep up with the times and turn to the digital pleasure of reading, you don't have to buy an e-book reader: The functions of the devices are also available on smartphones or tablets with the right app.

This includes display modes that are easy on the eyes for reading hours at night, a flexible layout for all personal preferences and the convenience of buying books on the Internet: some apps come with a link to the online shop. Bookmarks are never lost again with e-book readers, and books can be devoured even more quickly using the fast-reading mode: individual words are displayed in the same place in quick succession. Because you don't have to wander your eyes, even long texts can be read much faster than with the conventional method.

The free Reedy app offers such a function and also presents texts from other sources in an orderly and legible manner: the reader can display articles from the Internet or texts from other apps in its own interface.

Organizing your own digital book collection is also child's play with the right app: Well thought-out search and sorting functions bring order to the chaos at the push of a button. Many readers also provide search functions for book texts, so text passages can be found within seconds. Text markings, footnotes and functions for quoting and sharing are also part of the repertoire of some reader apps.

All readers presented here are available free of charge, but some premium functions can be added at a low price.