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Android annoyance: Google News apparently sucks data volume empty

Trouble in the app store: According to US reports, the Google News app caused unexpectedly high costs for a user due to its sudden hunger for data.Almost at the same time, a massive fraud scandal in the PlayStore shook user confidence in Android apps.

Google News users complain that the News app on Android is secretly downloading large amounts of data and thus using up data volumes. Reports speak of more than twelve gigabytes of data that the news app is said to have secretly downloaded. This is actually not necessary for Google News to function. Particularly annoying: The app is said to have loaded the data via the cellular connection, although a WiFi connection was available and the settings were selected so that data should only be downloaded via WiFi. The stealth download cost a US user with a limited data volume of over $ 75.

It is not yet clear whether the expensive download is an isolated case or a mass phenomenon. Those affected advise deleting the News app and only opening Google News in the browser.

Fraud network made up of 125 apps and websites

Another case that is causing Android trouble concerns over 125 apps and websites that have been merged into a fraud network. This could affect millions of Android users.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising money were apparently stolen, according to an investigation published by Buzzfeed.

According to the report, more than a hundred apps were bought from small vendors for the fraud through a cover company ("We buy Apps"). The new owners used the apps to spy on the behavior of their users and to record their interactions with the app. Apps specially tailored to children were also used for this.

Apps have been deleted from the PlayStore

The fraudsters used the data obtained to program a bot network and thus control fake interactions with the apps. This is how they stole millions of dollars in in-app advertising. Google, as an advertising provider, is affected by the fraud, the company said in a blog post and has since deleted the affected apps from the PlayStore.

The apps include the popular "EverythingMe", reports the online magazine "The Verge". This app has been installed over 20 million times. But there are also Sudoku games and quiz apps among them. All affected apps and websites are listed online in a table.