Homework should be limited

Is homework okay just because it's traditional?

Homework is perhaps the worst thing about school. Many students see it that way, but so do educational researchers and associations. Why they still have a right to exist.

Students are fine? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Due to extensive homework, often in several subjects, children and young people often have very long “working days”. Mona Kaczun, member of the board of the Rhineland-Palatinate state student council, estimates 50 or 60 hours per week in relation to the dpa. Especially in the “hot phase when you still have to learn”.

Homework could overwhelm students

After all, just doing homework is not enough to slip through the exams without errors. Every pupil who has ever rattled through a class test knows that.

This workload overwhelms many students, says Mona Kaczun, who is in grade twelve herself. Personality development also suffers from the amount of work. “School educates in one way and real life in another,” she says. But: Most of the students simply do not have the time due to homework and learning to do voluntary work alongside school or to participate in club and local life.

If you can't keep up at school, you won't do it at home either

In addition, there is the problem that complicated tasks from school are not made any easier at home. "If someone does not understand the topic at school, then very likely not at home either," said the twelfth grader of the dpa. Reading a book that is currently being discussed in a German or English class, for example, is of course useful.

In her opinion, however, voluntary tasks are also useful. If you want to test yourself and have at least understood most of it, you can try it - and you will also get the solutions for self-control. Another idea would be lessons for independent learning. A teacher is then there, but he only answers questions or provides assistance. For some, this would replace expensive tutoring. Because not everyone can afford it, it destroys equal opportunities.

Abolish homework, instead all-day schools

Hjalmar Brandt, state manager of the Association for Education and Upbringing Rhineland-Palatinate, thinks homework generally makes sense. However, they would have to be limited in time and should not serve to develop new learning material yourself. He too says: “There is also a life outside of school.” Nevertheless, his recommendation would be: one hour of homework for elementary school pupils, after that there should be two.

But anyone who has school until 3 or 4 p.m., then maybe 45 minutes home, eats something at home and then has to do homework for two hours, has no more time for what Brandt calls “life next to school”.

A compromise could perhaps be the proposal of the educational scientist Karin Bräu from the University of Mainz: homework should be abolished, she told the dpa. For this purpose, the material should be repeated in all-day schools, together with teachers. Because Bräu also sees a great danger in the homework supervision by the parents: Some could do it well. Others, on the other hand, are struggling for themselves and are not much help - and that too could lead to unequal opportunities among the children.

by Lena Seiferlin / dpa

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