Is there outlet shopping in Duesseldorf

15 outlets in NRW for bargain hunters

You don't need to go to the outlet paradises Roermond or Venlo to hunt for bargains while shopping. There are also great outlets and factory sales in NRW. For example Nike in Kerpen, Zalando in Cologne or Haribo in Bonn. We have 15 suggestions where bargain hunters can get discounts.

Outlets in Cologne and the surrounding area

Zalando | Cologne

There are a few shops in DuMont Carré. Among other things, the outlet store of Zalando, one of the largest online mail order companies for fashion (up to size 52) and shoes in Germany. On around 1,000 square meters, discount hunters will find 6,000 pairs of shoes, various children's clothing up to size 176, accessories such as bags and belts and of course dresses, blouses, trousers and much more. The design of the store is so beautiful that it received the German Design Award in 2018. The goods offered are from the previous season or from the current season with small defects.
Zalando, Breite Strasse 80-90, Cologne

Globetrotter | Bonn

Does your life take place outside in nature? Do you go on vacation by bike or do you like to go hiking? Then a visit to the Globetrotter Outlet in beautiful Bonn is worthwhile for you. You can search for the right products for you on a total of 350 square meters. For the next camping trip there are, for example, backpacks and sleeping bags. And as a special treat, you can even climb the outer wall yourself.
Globetrotter, Vorgebirgsstrasse 86, Bonn

Haribo | Bonn, Neuss, Solingen

Haribo makes children happy and adults ... you know. The little colorful gold bears, whose bags are always empty faster than planned, have probably found a place in almost every candy cupboard. In Bonn, Neuss and Solingen you can find them - as well as liquorice, sweets and all other goodies from Haribo - in the outlets. You can stock up on candy by the bag. That quickly adds up to a kilo or two. The flavors that are otherwise not available in normal stores are very popular.
Haribo, Friesdorfer Strasse 125, Bonn; Ruwerstraße 6, Neuss; Wuppertaler Strasse 76, Solingen

Lindt | Aachen

Should you run out of chocolate again, a trip to Aachen wouldn't be the worst idea. Because you can stop by the Lindt factory outlet and stock up on chocolates, Santa Clauses, Easter bunnies and everything else made from chocolate for the next few months. These special items, returns and broken goods are cheaper than in the store. The taste remains heavenly, because with chocolate it really depends on the inner values.
Lindt, Süsterfeldstrasse 130, Aachen

Nike | Kerpen

Nike is a global brand with billions in sales. You can get discounted sneakers and sports goods with the famous Nike Swoosh in Kerpen in the outlet store. The goods are discounted by up to 60 percent. Just the right thing for your sport style.
Nike, Kerpener Strasse 150-152, Kerpen

Outlets in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area

Teapot | Dusseldorf

It's teatime, my dear! In autumn at the latest, it's tea season again. During a cozy evening on the couch with an exciting film, the warming drink tastes even better. But as it is, everyone else likes tea. Some prefer fruity varieties, others more black tea and still others like Moroccan mint. You can get all of this at the Teekanne factory outlet, where there are also tea accessories such as pots.
Teapot, Kevelaerer Strasse 33, Düsseldorf

Elysee watches | Dusseldorf

Elysee has been an established watch manufacturer in Düsseldorf since 1960. The noble arm jewelry optimizes your outfit and convinces with quality made in Germany. In the Düsseldorf warehouse you can get goods that have expired in the main store, come from the previous year or have small optical defects such as slight signs of use. But there is still a guarantee and high-quality products.
Elysee, Heerdter Lohweg 212, Düsseldorf

Fashion outlets | Ratingen

Ratingen is located north of Düsseldorf and has made a name for itself as a fashion city. At least when it comes to outlets. Because with Esprit, s.Oliver and United Colors of Benneton, three textile manufacturers have settled in Ratingen. You can get B-goods with small errors or items from the preseason with a lot of discount here and save money. Your wallet will be just as happy as your clothes rail.
Esprit, Voisweg 10, Ratingen; United Colors of Benneton, Sohlstättenstrasse 48a, Ratingen; s.Oliver, Holterkamp 3, Ratingen

Polo motorcycle | Juchen

When you drive to the small town of Jüchen, don't be surprised by the many motorcyclists. Because this is where the Polo Motorrad Superstore is located and the outlet store right next to it. Everything to do with bikes such as helmets, clothing and accessories delight the heart. The products are discontinued models, special items, B-goods. There is also a bistro in the immediate vicinity, where bikers can treat themselves to a cool drink. Roadlife and shopping in harmony.
Polo Motorrad, Polostraße 1, Jüchen

Outlets in Essen and the surrounding area

Medion | eat

Attention technology nerds !! You can immerse yourself in the digital world of Medion - whether radios, karaoke machines, ink printers, notebooks, heart rate monitors or smartphones - in Essen. Remaining items, special items, exhibits and B-goods are available in stock sales, so that you can save a lot of money depending on the discount campaign. Otherwise the products are flawless. A place for bargain hunters.
Medion, Schönscheidstrasse 100, Essen

Tchibo | Mülheim an der Ruhr

Tchibo products can be found in some supermarkets and are very popular there. Bed linen, clothing and the like are available from Tchibo, in the Percentage Remnants Outlet in Mülheim you can get all of this significantly reduced. Textiles, shoes, electrical goods - all prices are on sale level. You get a discount of between 20 and 50 percent and can relax at the coffee bar after the shopping experience.
Tchibo, Heifeskamp 6, Mülheim an der Ruhr

Outlets in Bochum and the surrounding area

Puma | Herne

It's sporty at Puma in Herne. All year long you get discounts compared to the recommended retail price. It is especially cheap in time for the Cranger Kirmes. Then you can get hold of real sportswear bargains at the annual warehouse sale.
Puma Profi Shop, Hauptstrasse 363, Herne

Chocolate carrier | Bocholt

Nougat, whole milk or dark chocolate. There is a paradise for chocolate lovers in Bocholt. Chocolate and delicious pralines that melt on the tongue are offered on 60 square meters. For example, there are exclusive monthly collections for which you would otherwise have to be a member of the online provider's praline club. Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate.
Pralinenbote, Münsterstrasse 25, Bocholt

Outlets in Dortmund and the surrounding area

Brandt | Hagen

Who doesn't know him, the smiling blond boy from the rusk packaging? This is the trademark of the Brandt company to this day. But you also get other things than just the classic in Hagen. There are also organic spelled rusks, anise, coconut or dark rusks and mini rusks in many different varieties. You can combine that with a visit to the Brandt Museum.
Brandt factory outlet, Enneper Straße 3, Hagen

Kettler | Came

Garden furniture, strollers, bicycles, Kettcars, cross trainers, table tennis tables and much more. The Kettler company has a diverse range of products to offer that can quickly turn into money. You can save a lot of money in Kamen. The offered goods are special and discontinued models.
Kettler Outlet, Zollpost 8, Kamen

Outlets in the Recklinghausen district

Runners Point | Recklinghausen

Running is a lifestyle. Whether along the water or through the park, while running you can forget the stress of everyday life. But this also requires the right shoes and they are often quite expensive. One way to save some money on running equipment is to go to the Runnerspoint warehouse in Recklinghausen. Because here you can get discounts or savings campaigns.
Runners Point, Tiroler Strasse 3, Recklinghausen