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_Game of Thrones_. What is Jon Snow reading? Exclusive to Kit Harington

Main photo courtesy of HBO Spain. And photos of colleagues of my friend Bego MC who met Kit Harington more than once on the London Underground.

First of all, my deepest gratitudeto my great friend Bego MC. His passion, enthusiasm, dedication (and also a bit of luck) from game of Thrones made this possible exclusive article for AL. And of course the actorKit Harington (the well-known Jon Snow) for their kindness to be suitable for chatting Your readings, more concerns Literature and his career. today I share it one of the most with all followers and readers famous, acclaimed and successful fantasy novel sagas adapted for television.

I am one of the few beings in the known world who not addicting a game of Thrones. I just got from that fantasy de The never-ending story by Michael Ende, however not my gender.
I could only with that First season and for my taste for the already established names (Mark Addy, Ian Glenn, Sean Bean) of this line-up. But after that bad shot to see the head ofNed Stark and check that I haven't lost any sleep Lannister nor any Targaryens, I never picked it up again. Yet, I know very well about the madness, the admiration and the enthusiasm of its millions of followers.


Harington was born on December 26, 1986 in Worcester thirty one of most famous actor in recent years. Everything for him charismatic character of Jon Snow. The phenomenon worldwide from this television adaptation of the fantasy novel saga byGeorge RR Martin still unstoppable. And then seven seasons It has rained a lot for the young and young guard of the wall.

I love to read, nothing is better than relaxing and reading a good book.
I love to read, nothing is better than relaxing and reading a good book.

A first anecdote shows what it is one of the few Serial actorthat he has read all the books from Martin. But long before that, Harington was working in one of the chain's bookstores Waterstones In London I had no idea who the lucky Martin was and he denied the weight of his books that it was his turn to go out of the warehouse to place them. And what is the fate ... Now they love each other.

Those of his childhood were those of Harry Potter and he loved too science fiction. Now he admits to being a fan of books over the room and his love for science fiction remains intact.
Su favorite book all time is 1984 by George Orwell. LikewiseEvery human heart by William Boyd O Secret agent (The secret agent) by Joseph Conrad. Of course, it highlights everything dickens yLes Miserables by Victor Hugo. He is passionate Ursula K. Le Guin, American author of fantasy novels and science fiction especially with her worksThe dispossessed O Stories of Terramar. And he likes it tooThe story of the maid de Margaret Atwood.
Does a special mention too Testament of Youth (Will of the youth) by Vera Brittain. He had read it at school and when he found out a movie version was going to be made did everything possible to get the part of the poet / soldier Roland Leighton.
Harington also loves poetry and writealthough Remember that it is not good and he has no intention of posting, but his friends comment on it it's not bad at all. What excites him most is declaim and recite. Belong to his favorite poets William Blake, John Keats, Robert Frost, William Wordsworth and Siegfried Sassoon.
Harington is also a stage actor. For him it's like breathing and that's what he says his mother named him Christopher after Christopher Marlowe, who was also called "Kit". His theatrical awakening was Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett and the last thing he did on stage was exactly a groundbreaking version of Doctor Faust of the famous English playwright. It was tooTitus Andronicus and Shakespeare doesn't like anythingThe Taming of the Shrew.He also admires the Norwegian Henrik very muchIbsen (Dollhouse)
  • Pompeii.
  • Testament of the youth.
  • Double identity.
  • The Death and Life of John F. Donovan.
  • Brimstone butterfly.
  • Gunpowder (post-production) - Miniseries.