When does admission to MAPC MA Psychology begin?

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  1. A bachelor's degree (180 ECTS credits) in psychology or a formally recognized degree in curative or special education (FH or university). The conditions of swissuniversities apply. Admission with a bachelor's degree from other, not mentioned subjects is not possible.
  2. Proof of at least one year of employment (without initial training). Several activities can be cumulated; in total, the work experience at the time of registration must correspond to 100% for 12 months. The professional field is irrelevant.
  3. In the case of non-psychological bachelor's degrees (see point 1), the bachelor's degree must be available when registering.
  4. Passing a fee-based two-part aptitude test (assessment), provided there is no Swiss bachelor's degree in psychology with a final grade of at least 5.00.
  5. Additional passerelle (individual post-qualification): For all bachelor degrees in psychology that were not acquired at the ZHAW, as well as for all qualifying non-subject qualifications (see point 1), additional ECTS credits at bachelor level must be completed in the form of a passerelle. The passerelle serves to ensure the technical and content-related connection to the content of the master’s course.
  6. Very good knowledge of German and good knowledge of English are required. It is expected that students understand English-language scientific texts (abstracts, reports, case studies) and can follow English-language lessons. If students do not meet these basic requirements, we strongly recommend attending a language course before and / or in parallel with their studies.
  7. There must be no subject exclusion from a Swiss university in the subject of psychology.
  8. There is no option for “sur dossier” recordings.