What is Bad Bank 2

Netflix: "Bad Banks", season 2: episodes, plot, cast, trailer

During the year the award-winning ZDF-Series "Bad Banks" on the streaming service Netflix with Season 2 in the next round. Which actors are in the cast? Here you can find out everything you need to know about the start, plot, episodes, cast and trailer.

"Bad Banks": When does Netflix start?

The start was originally announced for June 1st. That has now been withdrawn: It is currently not yet known when season 2 will appear on Netflix.

Synopsis: What is "Bad Banks" about?

In season 2 of "Bad Banks" Oliver Kniele describes the changes in the financial world that were brought about by the crisis that season 1 ended with. Business is becoming difficult and arduous due to new, tight editions. The new investment boss Christelle Leblanc also makes the long-awaited rise to the board of directors almost impossible.

The old banking world seems to have been shaken to its foundations after the crisis, while the young financial brance is experiencing a fundamental change with small start-ups and financial technology companies. After taking over the management of a FinTech, Jana meets an old friend who makes her new job an even bigger challenge.

"Bad Banks" on Netflix: The Consequences

Season 2, like season 1, will contain a total of six episodes of around 50 minutes each. These are the titles of the individual episodes:

  1. Beautiful new world
  2. Bank deaths
  3. collateral damage
  4. Today's winners
  5. paranoia
  6. Long live the Queen

Cast: Actor in the cast of "Bad Banks"

These are the actors in the main cast of "Bad Banks":

Jana LiekamPaula Beer
Gabriel FengerBarry Atsma
Christelle LeblancDésirée Nosbusch
Adam PohlAlbrecht Schuch
Thao HoangMai Duong Kieu
Quirin SydowTobias Moretti
Luc JacobyMarc Limpach
Robert KhanoJean-Marc Barr
Ties JacobyGermain Wagner

"Bad Banks": The trailer for the Netflix series


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