Why are Democrats taking over Colorado

Power in the US Senate will be decided on January 5th

There, on January 5th, the Republican Senator David Perdue and his Democratic rival Jon Ossoff as well as the Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler and the Democrat Raphael Warnock will compete against each other. All candidates could not achieve the required majority of more than 50 percent in the first round.

Republicans currently hold 53 of the 100 senatorial posts. In the congressional election on Tuesday, 35 new seats were awarded for the Senate; the Democrats won a Senatorial mandate from the Republicans in Colorado and Arizona, while in Alabama the Republicans took a seat from the Democrats.

Should the Democratic candidates in Georgia win both mandates in January, a 50-50 stalemate would arise in the Senate. In this case, the US Constitution stipulates that the Vice President establishes a majority in Senate decisions with his vote - after Biden takes office, his party colleague Kamala Harris will hold the office of Vice President.

The Senate can block important bills by the president. Should Biden have to rule with a Senate controlled by the Republicans, he would have significantly less room for maneuver than President Donald Trump during his term in office. If he had the Senate on his side alongside the House of Representatives, where the Democrats defended their majority, he could rule with the full backing of Congress.

"Now we are taking over Georgia and will change the world," said an enthusiastic message from the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer. "All eyes are on Georgia now," wrote Republican and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.