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Why Chelsea are in crisis: The problem is not just Maurizio Sarri

After an excellent start to the season, Chelsea are in crisis. The bitter bankruptcies against AFC Bournemouth and Manchester City as well as the elimination in the FA Cup against Manchester United exacerbated the explosive atmosphere at Stamford Bridge. The fans primarily blame Maurizio Sarri for the bad phase, the coach is threatened with death after only six months. The reasons for the continuing downward slide of the blues, however, are more complex. SPOX and Goal highlight five of them.

"F * cking Sarriball!" Chelsea FC fans were finally fed up with their team's football after their 2-0 defeat in the FA Cup against Manchester United on Monday, which coach Maurizio Sarri has been trying to implement bit by bit since his arrival at Stamford Bridge in the summer .

Why not? After all, it was precisely this style that made SSC Napoli a serious competitor for subscription champions Juventus Turin. At Chelsea, however, Sarri's concept only worked for a short time.

After a strong start to the season with five wins in a row, the game of the Blues began to paralyze. In the new year, Chelsea only got seven out of 18 possible points in the Premier League, slipped out of the Champions League ranks and got under the wheels at AFC Bournemouth (0: 4) and Manchester City (0: 6).

Even the entry into the final of the Carabao Cup, in which the Blues will meet the Cityzens again on Sunday (5.30 p.m. live on DAZN), does not hide the fact that stormy times have dawned at the Stamford Bride. Sarri has, according to information from SPOX and Goal three more games to turn things around with positive results.

Some reasons for the crisis are directly related to Sarri, but others can hardly be blamed on the coach.

1. The "Sarriball" experiences a kind of twilight of the gods in England

"Sarriball". That was that offensive possession game designed for short passes, often with only one contact. A mix of high pressing and luring the opposing team. A tactic that has made the SSC Napoli under Sarri a serious contender for the Scudetto within two years.

"Sarriball" is technically of high quality, demanding, but also risky. The ball is always in motion, especially in Sarri's back four. The defenders adjust the ball back and forth several times or involve central midfielders who are dropped. They do that even when the opponent presses. A bad pass, a mistake in receiving the ball and the opponent is right in front of the goal.

The plan is to let the opposing press run into void, and then to bridge the midfield with lightning-fast vertical passes. The three attackers and midfielders are constantly on the move, constantly changing positions. The way of playing Sarris Napoli was celebrated in Italy as the "vertical Tiki-Taka".

But in the Premier League at Chelsea, things are different. On the one hand, because Sarri first has to impress his highly complex football on a team previously trained by Antonio Conte and focused on defensive and counterattacks.

On the other hand, Chelsea under Sarri is calculable and inflexible. That is at least the verdict of many British sports journalists in the past weeks and months. You are not wrong. Sarri does not shake his basic system, the 4-3-3, and neither does his staff on the field.

Four players have played every game in the league at Chelsea to date, three more have only missed one game. There are few surprises in terms of tactical alignment and the starting line-up. Therefore, opposing coaches from Sarri are getting caught off guard less and less. But on the contrary.

Arsenal coach Unai Emery, for example, provided a blueprint on how to surprise the blues and consequently beat them with simple means. The Gunners ran on matchday 23 for the first time this season with a diamond in 4-4-2 and a double tip from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette.

Aaron Ramsey was set on Chelsea's player opener Jorginho, who, as with Napoli, is said to be Sarri's driver. The Blues couldn't cope with that, losing 2-0.

"Barcelona's game was predictable too, but they won anyway," countered Sarri when asked why he wasn't switching systems or his starting XI. That may be true, but unlike Barcelona, ​​the Blues are losing more (three times) than winning (twice) in the current calendar year in the league.