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embracing the world ®

(hug the world)

is a global charitable organization,

that was launched by

Mata Amritanandamayi Math

(at a non-governmental organization with a special advisory function

the United Nations).


my religion

is love


Amma | 06

Disaster Relief | 15th

Empowerment of women | 34

Build houses | 38

Municipal networks | 45

Children's homes | 51

Public Health | 56

Education for everyone | 59

Research for a better world | 66

Healthcare | 73

Fight hunger | 82

Environmental initiatives | 85

Amrita institutions | 88

Contact | 95


The world should know

that it is possible to live his life

selfless love and service

to devote to the closest. Amma

Amma was born in 1953 in a village in a remote area

Coastal area in Kerala (South India)

born. Already noticed as a little girl

the people around them that they

spent many hours in deep meditation on the beach.

She also composed devotionally

Songs and was often singing in a mood

encountered divine adoration. Despite hers

of tender age, their compositions testified to

of remarkable depth and wisdom. In old age

by the age of nine, Amma's mother became very much

ill and Amma was forced to go to school

left to help around the house and look around

to take care of her seven siblings. One of their

Duties was to go from house to house to

Collecting scraps of food for the cows. Thereby

she became with the intense poverty of her village community

and faced the world.

All those in need that Amma met

she brought food and clothing from home.

Nothing could stop her, not even them

Scolding and punishment from their family. To the

To comfort people in need, Amma hugged

you. In response to their loving affection

they started to call her "Amma" (mother),

and vice versa, Amma called them her children.







embracing the world ® | AMMA | 6th

Amma's life

Amma was deeply affected by the suffering that

she met. Hinduism says that

Individual suffers because of his karma -

that is, in response to his acting in

the past. Amma agreed

agreed with this concept, but did not want to

as a justification for accepting nothing

to take action against grievances. Amma

pondered the principles of karma until

she came to an even deeper insight:

"When other people because of their

Suffering karmas, it is not our duty to them

to help in their pain and suffering? "

From this simple but deep conviction

out - that it is the responsibility of

let each of us shake hands with those

who are less favored by fate -

Amma dedicated her life to service and

loving care for all beings.

One expression of this is her maternal embrace,

with which she considers all who are with her

Seek consolation.

In Amma's culture it was a 14 year old

Girls forbidden, other people,

especially men, to touch. Though theirs

Parents were against it, Amma continued to follow

her heart. She later explained, “I'll take

not true whether it is a man or

a woman acts. I see everyone as part of mine

own self. An uninterrupted one

Stream of love flows from me to the whole

Creation. This is my innate disposition.

A doctor has a duty to treat patients

to treat. So it is my duty, sufferers

To give consolation. "

embracing the world ® | AMMA | 7th

Each of Embracing the World's projects

found its origin in needs

of the poor who came to Amma for her heart

to pour out and on her shoulder

to cry out. Shared more than 25 years ago

the administrators of an orphanage Amma with,

that they run out of funds

stand. They reported to Amma that they were

sooner or later they will be forced to

to send the children out into the streets. Amma

used some of the money for one

Meditation hall planned in her ashram

was to ensure the care of the children.

With that, ETW was brought into being.

Today Amma's birthplace in Kerala is the seat

from Amma's spiritual and humanitarian organization,

the Mata Amritanandamayi Math

(MAM), and the worldwide headquarters of ETW. He

houses 3,000 residents and is the destination of

thousands of visitors every day

India and around the world. Inspired by

The residents try Amma's example

and visitors to the center something in life

of the people who cause a difficult one

Have fate.

Amma has more than 32 million in her life

People hugged and comforted. On the

Ask where it gets the energy from, like that

to help many people and at the same time

such a large humanitarian organization

to build and lead, she replies:

“Where there is true love, it happens

all without effort. "

Amma will give darshan for as long as she has strength to give herself

to accept all who come to her as long as they are hers

Can put a comforting hand on their shoulder. It's Ammas

Desire to be loving to people until the end of their days

caress, comfort and dry their tears. Amma

Amma's darshan

Amma is a real “citizen of the world”: she holds free events

across India, Europe, the US and Australia

as well as Japan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Africa and

South America.

Your speeches can provide guidance as to whether this is the topic

personal fulfillment or burning questions

our time. To this day, she has rounded off every program

by hugging all participants.

When asked by the BBC why they are people

hug, Amma replied: "Would you ask a river,

why does it flow? It's just its nature to flow. Just like that

it is Amma’s nature, maternal love for her children

to express. ”The unique way to express unreserved love

to express it is called Amma's darshan. This can

without interruption for up to twenty or more hours a day

drag on.

That maternal hug that has been going on for the past 40 years

Repeated hour after hour, day after day, became a catalyst

and symbol of the growing humanitarian movement that

is now called "Embracing the World".








embracing the world ® | AMMA | 8th

International recognition

Amma has been the main speaker on a regular basis for almost 20 years

invited to international forums promoting world peace

and strive for a harmonious coexistence of the religions

are. In 1993 she was appointed to the Parliament of World Religions

appointed "representative of the Hindu faith". she held

at the UN world peace summit at the turn of the millennium

Address, and was awarded the Gandhi King Prize for 2002

Excellent nonviolence. The presented the award

UN Ambassador for Peace Dr. Jane Goodall and the UN

Chief Commissioner for Human Rights Sergio Vieira de Mello.

In 2006 Amma became significant along with others

Personalities (the actor Richard Gere and the

2005 Nobel Prize Winner, Mohamed Eibaradel) of the James

Parks-Morton Prize for her role as a notable spiritual

Leader and her commitment to humanity. While

of the award ceremony said Reverend James Parks Morton

about Amma: "You embody exactly what we strive for."

In May 2010, the State University of New York awarded

Amma the honorary doctorate. This was done in recognition

their tireless work for world peace, for

their commitment in the education sector and in the fight against it

of poverty around the world.

At each of these forums, Amma took the opportunity to

share their vision as humanity made the difficult

Can circumnavigate cliffs that lie in front of her: You have to

turning things around and of discrepancies between

find harmony among religions; away from terrorism

come and head for peace; away from the fight

between the sexes and towards trust and collaboration;

beyond the struggle between nations

declare war on poverty together; from the chaotic

Dealing with nature to find harmony with it. Ammas

Contemplations invite each of us to go inside

and get involved in building a more humane society

bring in. Amma's speeches give in their entirety

clear and practical recommendations, like one in need

Meet the burning issues of our time

can to bring about a positive turnaround.

embracing the world ® | AMMA | 9

SUNY Buffalo awards Amma an honorary doctorate

In May 2010, the State University of New York (SUNY) awarded Amma an honorary doctorate.

This was done in recognition of her tireless work for world peace, for her

Engagement in the education sector and for the far-reaching influence of their charitable organizations

in alleviating poverty and human suffering in India and around the world.

The President of the University, Dr. John B. Simpson addressed the congregation as follows:

“With this award, we honor the extensive contributions of a highly esteemed

spiritual leader for education and humanity. Through the management of the

Amrita University as well as through her humanitarian work shows us how important the Dean Amma is

international dialogue and service to the world are. These values ​​correspond

a deeper understanding of our mission as an international public university, namely ours

To prepare students to make meaningful contributions to the whole world.

The President of India gives the

MAM the Pazhassi Raja Prize

embracing the world ® | AMMA | 10

President of

India presented

national price

for charity

The President of India, Mrs. Pratibha

Patil, presented Swami Amritaswarupananda

on February 19, 2010 the “Dharma

Khadgam "Prize in the Presidential Palace,

Rashtrapati Bhavan. The price was in

Recognition of charitable activities

presented by Embracing the World, which will be set up and carried out by the M.A. Math.

The Pazhassi Raja National Royal Awards are presented by the Pazhassi Raja Charitable Trust for

exceptional contributions to society distributed in all walks of life.


and conferences

New York, 2010: Amma receives an honorary doctorate

for human rights by the state

University of New York at Buffalo.

New Delhi, 2009: Amma inaugurates the international

Vivekananda Foundation.

Jaipur, 2008: Amma as the keynote speaker on

the summit conference of the World Peace Initiative

of women: “Clear the way for that

Female: For the good of the world community. "

Paris, 2007: Amma receives the

Cinéma Vérité for its humanitarian activities.

New York, 2006: Amma receives James Park

Morton Prize for Interreligious Cooperation.

Pune, 2006: Amma receives the Sri Jnaneswara

World Peace Prize.

London, 2005: Amma becomes the Mahavir

Mahatma Prize awarded.

Kochi, 2005: Amma receives the centenary

Legendary (centenary, fabulous)

Award from Rotary Club International.

Barcelona, ​​2004: Amma is keynote speaker at

Parliament of the World Religions.

Geneva, 2002: The Global Movement for Violence-





embracing the world ® | AMMA | 11

losess gives Amma the Gandhi-King Prize

for non-violence in the UN Palace in Geneva.

Geneva, 2002: Amma is the main speaker at the

World Peace Initiative leading religious and

of spiritual women in the United Palace

Nations in Geneva.

USA, 2002: Amma receives from Yoga-Journal

the award "Karma Yogi of the Year".

New York, 2000: Amma as keynote speaker

the world peace summit at the turn of the millennium

in the General Assembly of the United


Chicago, 1998: Amma is employed by Care &

Share on "Human Friend of the Year"

called out.

New York, 1995: Amma speaks during the

Interreligious Congress in Celebration of the 50th

United Nations Anniversary.

Chicago, 1993: Amma speaks on the 100th anniversary

of the Parliament of World Religions and

becomes the "representative of Hinduism"


USA, 1993: Amma receives the Hindu Renaissance Prize

from "Hinduism Today".


A prayer for peace and harmony in the world

Amritavarsham50 was more than a celebration of Amma's 50th birthday. It was a prayer for

Peace and harmony in the world, an expression of Amma's strength, humanity for the good

to lead the world to unity. Hundreds of participants formed a procession and

carried river water from seven continents and the flags of the 191 United States

Nations into the fully occupied stage, which is characterized by the chanting of the ancient peace prayer “Om

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu “(May all beings in all worlds be happy) fulfilled

was. Amma poured all the water during this beautiful prayer for unity and world peace

of the rivers in a large vessel. International entrepreneurs, educators, spiritual leaders,

Environmental activists, India's leaders and famous artists, and 200,000 attendees

attended the event daily.

Representatives from 191 countries and 200,000 people attended the celebrations daily

on the occasion of Amma's 50th birthday, which lasted four days.

Special advisory status at the UN

The Embracing the World projects in India are developed by Mata Amritanandamayi Math

and executed. On July 24, 2005, the UN awarded the MAM the “special

Advisory Status ”for exceptional disaster relief and humanitarian activities

awarded. This status enables cooperation with UN authorities. In December 2008

the UN Public Relations Department stated that the MAM is a non-governmental organization

will support the UN in future in research and education on humanitarian issues.

embracing the world ® | AMMA | 12

What is said about Amma

“Amma has done more than some governments for her own country - she

has made an enormous contribution. ”- Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Prize Winner 2006 and

Founder of the Grameen Bank

“Amma is an infinite source of energy, love and compassion. I believe if we

had only a small part of it in us, there would only be joy in the world. Even if

I can do little - Amma inspires me to do my best to achieve it

to reach. - Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, International Council on Climate Change (IPCC), 2007

was awarded the Nobel Prize as chairman of the IPCC.

“I find it remarkable how much of the money that has been raised and donated actually

Reached out to those in need. I was deeply impressed by the way Amma manages it. she's acting

spontaneous and instinctive. This creates a great force that gets a lot going even without bureaucracy

brings. Lots of people are inspired to join in and use their time and skills

to use for the needy. I think international NGOs and UN agencies can get from

Learn about Amma's work and what she has built. " - Olara A. Otunnu, past president

of the UN Security Council and former chairman of the UN Commission on Human Rights.

“I want to share with you what I learned in Amritapuri (Amma's Ashram): Giving! The

is the message I take with me from Amritapuri. Don't stop giving. Everyone can give.

It's not just about money. We can also pass on knowledge. We can take the pain

alleviate. We can visit people who are suffering.Each of us - rich or poor - can

give something. There is no greater message than this that Amma brings to the people

lets, the people of this region, the people of Kerala, the people of India and the

People all over the world. " - Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India

“I am convinced that she is an embodiment of divine love.” - Dr. Jane Goodall, PhD,

Primate researcher, anthropologist, UN ambassador for peace

“When I think about Amma and her life, that of devotion and service to others

I see a shining example of awe, compassion and care. "

- Dr. Steven C. Rockefeller, PhD, humanist, educator, social activist

“Amma represents the kind of leadership we need for the planet to survive

to secure. She is arguably the most heroic person I have ever met because

she sits and hugs people. That is probably the bravest thing we can do today. Yourself

Killing each other is not heroic - but caring for others is.

Amma does it. ”—Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize winner for Literature

“I am convinced that through her service to others and charity, Amma

has a great influence on the future world. ”- Brother Dr. Wayne Teadale, PhD,

Catholic monk, former advisory board member at the Parliament of the World Religions

embracing the world ® | AMMA | 13th

Embracing the World ®


Embracing the World is a worldwide network

from local and regional charities

Organizations and projects resulting from the in

India-based aid projects of the Mata

Amritanandamayi Math originated. Embracing

the world is currently trying in more

than 40 countries worldwide the burden of the disadvantaged

to alleviate by the five basic

Needs to be met as much as possible:

Food, shelter, schooling, medical

Supply and subsistence. Ours

Everyone has a right to believe

meeting these needs. It is ours

Responsibility, day in and day out, efforts

undertake to ensure everyone's survival in

To ensure dignity, security and peace.

Amma teaches that anyone can do it - rich

or poor - someone else's life positive

to influence. Every little gesture is


The key lies in being together

to peace - peace on an individual level,

Peace in the community, peace between

different cultures, nations and

Beliefs. Amma's centers in many

Countries contribute to this humanitarian

Pass on impulse by giving the individual

inspire selflessly for a better world

to use.








embracing the world ® | AMMA | 14th

Disaster relief

1 million USD for children affected by 2011 tsunami

and earthquake in Japan lost their parents

Food and scholarships for children after the 2010 Haiti earthquake

€ 7 million for the flood victims in Karnataka / Andhra Pradesh, 2009

€ 325,000 for the flood victims in Bihar, 2008

€ 700,000 for medical care for the Mumbai flood victims, 2005

$ 1,000,000 to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, 2005

€ 32 million to support the

Tsunami victims in the Indian Ocean, 2004

1200 new houses for earthquake victims in Gujarat, 2001

Medicines for victims of the

Flood disaster in Andhra Pradesh

Handing out clothes to the refugees

of the cyclone in West Bengal

Operation of the mobile emergency team after

the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

Act quickly


Our volunteers have become known

especially due to the tsunami relief project

of € 35 million, but they were also with many

other devastating natural disasters of the

on the spot for the last decade. Raged in Japan

2011 the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami:

Only three days after the disaster were ours

volunteer helpers on site. After the earthquake in

Haiti (2010) we sent several shipments with us

Relief goods to "Partners in Health" and awarded

Food and grants to children affected by the earthquake

were affected. In 2009, Embracing

the World an aid package worth € 7.5 million

for 2.5 million people in South India

Available. These were due to flooding

become homeless even after the devastation

the 2005 hurricanes Katrina and Rita

our volunteers responded

Helpers with extensive relief measures.

Since 2001, Embracing the World has responded to one

large number of natural disasters. It lies

the focus on two things: rapid emergency aid

and extensive long-term measures for

Reconstruction. This gives ETW a reputation

acquired to be the first on site and the last

who leaves the scene - often long after

the media spotlight has faded.

Amma's compassion for the disaster victims is

so comprehensive that they cover every aspect of their lives

Situation reacts - not just that material and

emotional needs are met, rather

it also retains future prospects

the people in the eye. The provision of

Has long-term support for disaster victims

Thousands through the darkest phase of their lives

worn, and give them a future all over again

Light enables.

embracing the world ® | DISASTER AID | 16

ETW helper with clean-up work

after the disaster

ETW volunteers prepare meals

and serve them in shelters

The head of government of Miyagi Prefecture takes one

Donation of 1 million USD. ETW presented

this buzzer for the education of children,

who had lost their parents.

Tohoku earthquake and

Tsunami in Japan

Three days after the accident, ETW sent one

first auxiliary force to provide food and water to the

To distribute refugees. At first the team worked

near the epicenter of the natural disaster to yourself

to concentrate soon on the place Rikuzentakata,

a remote coastal town with a population of 23,000.

Rikuzentakata is more than 150 km from the

nearest major city away and was difficult from

the disaster had been hit, but there was there

insufficient survival aid. About 10

Percent of the population had died.

At the end of April 2011 was about three quarters of all residents

scattered over 88 reception centers as their homes

were badly damaged or destroyed. After this

The city's first use of the volunteers

Disaster management officially request as to

further crisis aid through Embracing the World.

ETW's work in Rikuzentakata included: Support

of refugees in the emergency shelters

through food preparation and distribution,

Childcare, laundry service, maintenance work,

removing sludge and

Debris from damaged houses, open spaces

of public places, fields and damaged ones

Establishment, sorting and transport of auxiliary material

as well as the distribution of clean drinking water.

The volunteers removed rubbish from fields,

so that the farmers start cultivating the

Arable land could begin.

In July 2011, during Amma's visit to Japan,

donated $ 1 million to ETW for funding

the education of children affected by the disaster

had become orphans. In addition to the ongoing

Efforts to meet immediate needs

to encounter the residents of Rikuzentakata

Long-term measures also planned: emotional support

for those affected and the offer of

free yoga and meditation classes.

embracing the world ® | DISASTER AID | 17th

Helpers pack basic food

to distribute.

ETW sent eleven pallets

medical care.

Haiti earthquake

After Haiti suffered a disaster in January 2010

Earthquake hit, seized

Embracing the World immediately by providing relief efforts

eleven pallets within two weeks

medical supplies were flown in.

Partners in Health, one based in Boston

charitable organization that has been in

Haiti works, received the supplies. The

The shipment contained selected drugs,

a surgical equipment with accessories, diagnostic

Tools, blankets, tents, sleeping bags,

Obstetrics and baby equipment, wheelchairs,

Crutches, splints and saline.

Because of the rainy season in Haiti, there was also one

Truck load from heavy duty industrial

Tarpaulins weighing 20,000 kilos delivered to PIH.

Some time later, a container with sheets,

Blankets, towels, body drinks, wheelchairs

and medical care sent.

ETW helpers also flew after several times

Haiti to staple foods like rice and

Distributing beans to affected families.


for children

Together with the rectors of three different

Schools picked out about 30 children who

who were good students before the earthquake

however, no school attendance after the disaster

more was possible. Many of them had theirs

Lost parents or other close relatives,

and their families couldn't care less

afford to pay for school. ETW granted

Scholarships for these 30 children who are now back

to go to school.

embracing the world ® | DISASTER AID | 18th

The Minister of Karnataka, Sri B.S.

Yeddyurappa receives the symbolic

Keys to the first 100 houses.

Help for flood victims

in Karnataka

In September and October 2009, the Indian

States of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka from

unprecedented flooding hit the

Millions of hectares of grain destroyed and 2.5 million

Making people homeless. In response, announced

Embracing the World relief efforts in value

of € 7 million for the flood victims in both states

at. It became food, clothing, sheets, blankets

and satellite-based specialist treatment for

Provided. A team of twelve doctors and

made several dozen medical assistants

regular rounds through the relief camps and the

affected communities and treated more than 500 patients per day. End of January 2010

ETW agreed with the government of Karnataka that the organization would house 2,000 homes

the homeless flood victims would build.

On February 17, 2010, just 20 days after the agreement was signed, there were already 100

of the promised houses completed. ETW was the first non-governmental organization to do the

Completed houses for the victims of this disaster. The Minister of Karnataka expressed the

Hope that the rapid progress would inspire other organizations with theirs

Relief measures to move forward quickly.

By April 2011, more than 500 houses had been completed and handed over to the owners.

A view of houses built for flood victims in the Raichur district.

embracing the world ® | DISASTER AID | 19th

The mobile telemedicine cart was

transported by train to Bihar

Lessons in a refugee camp

for flood victims in Bihar

Bihar 2008: Planning of relief operations after the flood

Flood disaster relief

in Bihar

On August 18, 2008, it turned one million in Bihar

People homeless when the Kosi River crosses

its banks stepped. The huge one that followed

Flooding affected half of the state.

On September 10, 2008, ETW put up € 300,000

available as emergency aid

state-of-the-art equipment was by train from

Cochin sent to the crisis area - and laid

a distance of almost 2,500 kilometers back.

The AIMS hospital sent teams of doctors

and paramedics serving more than 500 patients

treated daily.

1,500 flood victims were in seven emergency camps in

housed the districts of Purnia and Supaul.

They worked in Supaul for a month

Emergency hospital. The medical team stayed

more than two months in Bihar and treated

50,000 people in 100 different hospitals

People received medicine worth

from USD 70,000. Thousands of tents, blankets,

Tents, stoves, and cooking utensils were made

distributed, as well as food, clothing and

School supplies.

The Minister of Labor of Bihar, Mr. Avdesh

Narain Singh, expressed his gratitude to ETW

opposite: “The people of

[Embracing the World] work day and night,

to help the flood victims. I wonder,

whether they get any sleep at all. We are

very grateful to the organization for having them

answered our call and came to our aid

in this emergency situation. "

embracing the world ® | DISASTER AID | 20th

Relief effort after the earthquake - Kashmir

Use after the flood - Mumbai

West Bengal

In May 2009, cyclone Aila was searching West Bengal

and Bangladesh, leaving 330

Dead and a million homeless. Ten days

long medical camps were held,

being doctors from Embracing the World approximately

3,000 people treated and medicated

Spend € 1,500 free.

ETW volunteers distributed around 800

Garments and blankets, gave 6,000 meals

and gave away two tons of rice.


In response to the earthquake that happened in October

2005 Kashmiri and border areas

Pakistan devastated, Amma dispatched a relief team,

to support the victims emotionally and

To distribute food, blankets and other relief supplies.


In July 2005, millions of people were from the

torrential floods, especially slum

Residents whose simple dwellings are simple

washed away. ETW immediately started

Handing out food and bedding. Doctors from AIMS

supplied with the help of two fully equipped

Ambulance about 50,000 patients and distributed

Medicines worth € 850,000.


A devastating earthquake occurred in 2001 in the

Region around Bhuj in Gujarat 20,000 lives

cost. Amma sent one immediately

Disaster relief team with twelve surgeons and

Earthquake Disaster Relief - Gujarat two fully equipped ambulances as well

100 volunteer students from Amrita University.

Those responsible from ETW met with the village chairmen

and adopted entire villages - 1,200 houses were rebuilt in the process. in the

In August 2006, the city of Surat in Gujarat experienced severe flooding. 300 people

died. Amma sent a team of doctors who looked after more than 3,000 patients and

Distributed medication worth 23,340 euros.

embracing the world ® | DISASTER AID | 21

Hurricane Katrina, USA

support for

the survivors

a school fire

in Kumbakonam

In July 2005 died in a small village

in Tamil Nadu 92 children, and 18 suffered

heaviest burns than the thatched roof

a kindergarten caught fire

and destroyed the entire building.

Amma met 140 of the parents and siblings and many of the children who survived the fire

had. She comforted them to help them get over the loss of loved ones. also

Amma looked for ways of material support. Even before the tragedy

these people had lived in poverty. Now ETW built 51 houses for affected families

and distributed sewing machines to the mothers to enable them to make a living

for the families to earn.

After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita struck, more than 100 responded

ETW support groups across America by providing food, clothing, teaching materials

and provided other essentials. It was also far-reaching

medical care and emotional support given. Volunteers attended

the emergency shelters and created a website that helps people find each other

who had lost touch with each other. In December 2005 the donated

Mata Amritanandamayi Center on behalf of ETW one million dollars to the Bush–

Clinton Katrina Fund. This was one of the largest donations made by an independent government

Organization led by former American Presidents George Bush Sr. and

Bill Clinton-managed fund.

Life saving surgeries in Gujarat

Former US President Bill Clinton,

receives a check from the M.A. Center for the

Disaster response after Hurricane Katrina

2004: The tsunami waves hit the coast of Kerala

and a few moments later the Amritapuri Ashram

Amma comforts desperate people in one

Refugee camp in the days after the tsunami

2004 tsunami

The disaster response and that of ETW

work done in the reconstruction after

the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

the most comprehensive and sustainable disaster relief program

represent that ever of a