Will the planet Venus ever go backwards?

Passive desire in wanting to be seen

12/21/2005 - At Christmas, exactly from December 23rd to 24th (until February 3rd, 2006) Venus will go retrograde. You can find out what the significance of their retrograde is with the examples of their last retrograde phase further down this page. At that time, for example, the torture images from the US-run Iraqi prison camps came to light. That was visible information policy.

Suddenly something came to light that no one had expected. Although - somehow - everyone already knew! You knew about the American invasion of the country, you knew about the lies, you knew about it. But you couldn't know anything! Venus has to somehow make this not wanting to know visible - and that is only possible with pictures. This time it is the previously kept secret US flights with prisoners without rights to European torture prisons. However, it is questionable whether there will ever be any pictures of it.

Since Hitler (6 million deaths in concentration camps) and Stalin (25 million deaths, Gulag), since the time when collective crimes of humanity can and sometimes also are denied, the retrograde Venus has had a lot to do with its images. It has acquired a completely different quality on a human level. The visible image has become evidence. "Because eyes are more accurate witnesses than ears" (Heraclitus.) And since Bush got ready to have people abducted and disappeared, their retrogression has taken on a new dimension. The invisible lawless conditions on Guantanamo are one of them.

Venus - or the star of Bethlehem - indicates exactly where the child is lying. But sometimes also when it stupidly fell into the well. One can therefore say that in such phases we try to find out where the "dog" is buried. Sometimes we find what we are looking for and find out. Then of course it stinks for a while, because it's just uncomfortable to examine excavated cadavers.

Venus brings us - in contrast to Mars, which feels but knows nothing - the knowledge of the visible. We also like to be seen by ourselves. "See and be seen!" Is the motto. Because actually we don't want anything, except to be wanted ourselves - we are passively covetous.

But when Venus is retrograde, that desire experiences a setback, or our passive desires hold a sort of list. For us, the course of things is somehow no longer the same, because we are no longer used to thinking, looking, hearing and seeing ourselves.

Then the psychologists have their say again, who have to differentiate between beauty and the beast in painstaking detailed work. And if you are extremely unlucky, you will come across the Condoleezza Rice. That doesn't say everything, but it should give you a kind of foretaste or a role model.

The retrograde Venus takes care of this because we misunderstand love and knowledge. And because the beginning of this year coincides with Christmas, this time I dedicated my festive greetings to the media jungle and its effects have.Because they also convey the knowledge and images that we are talking about here. Since these are specific truths from which arbitrary truths can be constructed, the media regularly lose their subscribers under the retrograde Venus. You don't need pollsters for that either: a friend who looks after a well-known publisher was surprised every time that the declining data matched the subscription cancellations so exactly.

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Picture below: The transit from 25-26-27 December 2005

On December 24th, the Venus so declining. Your retrograde begins exactly in conjunction with the current Chironso that both planets remain in orbit of their aspect for a few days. Venus turns around slowly, so it takes time.

On the night of the 26th to the 27th of December 2005, still forming Sun / Pluto a trip!

And almost at the same time, on December 24th to 28th, is the current one Mars square to Saturn. Saturn lets the Mars reluctant to go through what you can feel. This square will be exactly on the 27th of the month. The current one moon also occurs in the short term in this aspect: On December 26th.

It will look like that. (Everything at least squares, dividing 4 of the 360 ​​° degrees).

Picture below:

If you add the half-squares, the picture of the planets looks like this.

Divisor 8 - Everything at least squares or one and a half and half squares.

Sun, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Moon stand together around May 26th in aspects related to each other.

One should not be unkind! But this planetary gathering really doesn't look nice. Sun and Mars / Saturn together, plus Pluto, we haven't had for a while. Uranus is also triggered (top right, 45 ° angle to the Aries point).

After all, Jupiter and Uranus still form a 160 ° angle to each other. So again some are lucky in a tense situation. However, why? Is it because it's Christmas? Or because they or we all need it? (Note: 160 ° are visible in the 9th division of 360 °).

Let's hope it stays that way. Let's hope the best!


In the horoscope of Germany (1945) and the USA (foundation) there is currently one Sun / Pluto progression due. And Sun / Pluto are triggered in transit over Christmas. (please refer Picture below). 

USA - horoscope 1st line ,. 2nd line transit. 3rd line (red) progression.

Sun and Pluto stand for the seed and the light. So also for development. We are vigorously opposed to such a situation these days, which is indicated by the energy build-up from Mars / Saturn.

Reactions to this article

Our readers write: ..."To yesterday's post on December 20, SPIEGEL-online responded with a 24-hour report that researchers were warning of a new earthquake tsunami. A few names of experts were hastily rounded up. The same thing has often struck me. For example before the Bush elections, when they really screwed up their theft with astronomy against astrology. If you continue to do so, write in encrypted form, in other words astrologically, so that not every sheet of paper that is silent about the true source can use it! Kind regards and good wishes for the New Year, Robert K. "


Dear Mr. K, - You mean exactly those experts who have not known anything up to now, zero, are suddenly warning you now? That means, suddenly they know something. So far, seconds have been important to them. But now, after reading our pages constantly, the media are learning and calling on the experts to talk about days and weeks. That is better written - and the data can be picked up here. After all, you don't want to lag behind astrology!

That's OK. But you know: as long as we learn the stories of Emperor Franz Ferdinand, Willhelm Tell and Napoleon in school, but pupils don't know what to associate the words "Sunday" or "Moon Day" with, the blind alarm and advance warnings work and concerns expressed are not really credible either. Merry Christmas!

edgar valentin flückiger

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Posted on October 17, 2005

Who else will be emperor? Who is Pope?

("Imperia" turns! At Lake Constance in Konstanz, with lake view, land view, sky view)

Still having to hold work meetings under retrograde Mars often becomes a lengthy affair. Sometimes boring too. Because the globe still revolves around the emperor and the pope - that is, around God and the world. And such a turning movement tires you.

10/17/05 - At least in Germany, the restart of the rotation around itself was successful. First a Bavarian showed Ms. Merkel where to go. After that, the elevator went on strike when CDU leader Angela Merkel arrived at the Willy Brandt House with CSU chairman Edmund Stoiber. But the SPD hung a neutral blue cloth in front of its party logo. Since you don't irritate bulls with blue scarves, you could conjure up Heaven's favor together. After all, when Ms. Merkel takes office, a new part of an empire should be efficiently managed from then on.

That is why 17 working groups are to set up 14 departments, and a 32-strong group, led by Merkel and Müntefering, wants to meet again soon to negotiate future governance. By around November 12th, the movement should stop and be stopped. Then - still under the retrograde Mars - a new government could be sworn in in the second half of November. A real disservice. And then: off to hibernation!

It is conceivable that a grand coalition will come about, grumbled Franz Müntefering. But failure is also quite possible, "but not wanted," he growled. Otherwise: "Good spirit! New level! Good start! Good climate! Confidence!" Except that there are still 'sticks' that the SPD will not jump over. So no bear gymnastics! This little bit of adversity could not affect the positive mood of the big challenge. You are now inviting each other. Community service has priority. The disservice comes afterwards.

(Picture below)

The retrograde Mars (red line) from late September to December 11, 2005

(Picture above) Inside transits (colors). On the far right the planets from the era horoscope (black).

(Picture below)

Transit around November 13, 2005 (middle line)

Hit it Uranus and Pluto as a reflection in the trine on each other (2nd line). Exactly on the progressive moon this era (3rd line).

Since the Mon node meets Saturn these days, not a particularly favorable constellation. The encounter takes place on the progressive Ascendent from Berlin, and - far more importantly - on the Neptune of the era.

The current one Mars is still declining until December 11, 2005 - then stationary, later it runs again directly.




We will go into the constellation between Uranus and Pluto in the next few days.

Imperia: Looking overseas


("Imperia" looks out over the open sea)


Photo: M. H. /



- The meaning of life -

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Article from May 2004


One day - the retrograde Venus

May 18, 2004 - Tonight Venus turned retrograde in transit. This optics will last for a few weeks, whereby around June 10, 2004 the half-sum of Venus with the running Mars will remain in the same place for a few days.

Venus stands - in general - for partnerships, conversion of the instincts into consciousness, embellishments in the house and surroundings, fulfilled wishes, apparently amicable, level-headed agreement in relationships, but with calculation and the background of future benefit. Exclusion of others who are classified as impure. Advancement through personal contacts and connections. If they are in decline, all of these levels are also addressed, but dramatically increased and in a negative or negative form. An image of this that can also be applied to other things is conveyed, for example, by the study of the split body language of Condoleezza Rice, which a psychologist in the mirror gave today: She laughs at the point where victims are discussed and holds out her claws the interlocutor while she recites something forgiving. The B-bill. Or another slap in the face for peace.



The beginning of a retrograde Venus can thus be seen and felt by everyone. But where did it start to decline this time? With torture pictures!

The trial of the child murderer Dutroux takes place this month. First: unlike the (by the way excellent) TV magazine RUNDSCHAU in Switzerland, Sfdrs, German print media and TV stations no longer provide clear reporting on Palestine. At the same time, the German Paul Spiegel sits at Kerner's talk and defends the Israeli liquidation policy and explains Jewish jokes to the viewers to (muted) applause. Cynicism in its purest form. Germany's foreign minister, Fischer, who hurried to the Middle East so often and always came back empty-handed, has none at the moment when the cynical "rainbow" operation is taking place that killed dozen - this time peaceful demonstrators - with military "warning shots" Want to travel more or more sayings - it's hair-raising. There is a strange pleasure in existence under the retrograde Venus.

From today's evening news May 18, 2004

Here are the most typical excerpts under the retrograde imprint of the running Venus of the day:

The princely wedding in Spain dominated the headlines. So the two of them will get married under retrograde Venus! The bride as a former journalist and supplier of public opinion has now become information herself about the cult with the bloody sheets - marriage.

The media announces the latest slogan to the public: "You love Allah, we love torture!" spat out by the US militarized mob in the torture prisons of Iraq. For the US thugs, has torture to do with love (Venus)?

In Germany, several thousand people gathered on the street in Leipzig to cry together. The reason: the city of Leipzig withdrew from the 2012 Olympic application. The elimination was calculated coolly and objectively by the computer and the losers and (not yet) winners were determined in a tough way. The dream continues after this interruption - that is, backwards! The FC Bayern coach, Ottmar Hitzfeld, met a similar fate, according to the news, today - he was released early because Bayern "only" came second in the ranking. So there are claims - and that's what you call thanks! Under retrograde Venus.

Sonja Gandhi, who won the elections in India with her party a few days ago, announced today that she would not take office as Prime Minister. "An inner voice warned you about it". Respect! It happens only once every decades that politicians ignore an election that has already been won for themselves personally. The opposite has even become common, so that especially unelected people - like Bush or Rumsfeld - stick to their chairs to the bitter end. In the context of this: Wolffsohn, a proponent of torture, who already tortures others when he thinks out loud, could not be released in Germany - under Venus receding. So it went so wrong, the "retrograde" impurity of others was not recognized, it remains inconsistent. Glimmer of hope: resignation postponed to the future.

In the US state of John Kerry 's today, hosts of gays and lesbians were civilly married. Bush railed next door that he wanted to ban such marriages in the future. He also wanted to ban Michael Moore's new film, which has been making a name for itself in Cannes since yesterday and casts a Venusian look back at the Bush era - under Venus in retrograde. Re-ligio!

Again, it was exactly Kerry's daughter today who, according to the columnists, walked around half-naked in Cannes because her black dress would not have withstood the thunderstorms of flashlights from the photographers. In the USA a reason for a trial and the stake, because nudity is only allowed in sealed torture chambers.

In the science corners of the gazettes, the "fatal infidelities" of men are once again being marketed. In Somalia, a clan demanded 50 camels from a doctor because he had saved a woman's life by removing her uterus - the region's only hospital had to be closed for fear of attack. (Mirror 5/18/04)

In Iraq, the President of the US Loyal Candidates was buried, not a good omen for a future government. And now weeks begin when everyone wants to see into the future, not necessarily beyond 2012, but at least further - than you (usually) think. This will soon make it all the more necessary to look back.

Then there would be the bomb wedding in Spain, which the EU's largest borrower country will let go of the stage. And another typically declining topic: the American torturers in Iraq should continue to enjoy immunity and not be brought before an international court of justice - good prospects!

A comedian struggled yesterday for the tv broadcaster Sat1 in vain for future binding love struggle, which she started full of concerns under the retrograde Venus.According to today's newspaper reports, she at least announced the name of her partner in life to the audience. Venus with return leg. After all, this theater seems to be more important for local magazines than the famine, which is currently happening again in Africa and which remains almost unnoticed.

The butcher in the Middle East, Ariel Sharon, rages like a berserk, tearing down buildings and tearing up people who get in the way of his thieves. The vocal murderer senses that Bush will have to move back to Texas at the end of the year and still uses his term of office extensively to flesh out thieves, he crushes everything that seems to be built up to him with his hordes or appears to be somehow providing shade, he crushes houses and apartments , kills children and has tens of thousands chased from refugee camps to flee nowhere. His club is talking about underground tunnels that would be sought in the upper floors of the houses. His spokesman explains cynically that "the refugee camp was not exactly a residential area before".

Amnesty Internatonal today called the destruction of the houses in Palestine - and generally the "beautification" and "lifting" of the entire region with Israeli bulldozers, walls, tanks and rifle bullets - a war crime. A nice gesture - albeit completely free.

The King of Jordan advises Yasser Arafat to resign. Also the reflection and reconsideration: Arafat should really go, then Sharon flies without resistance through his battlefield and - back to himself. It gets uncomfortable there, for him too.

But of all things, the German peace chancellor Gerhard Schröder receives a resounding slap in the face in the early evening from a man who does not agree with his text. Incidentally, not Ottmar Hitzfeld, he got a farewell dinner yesterday.


Figure below: Venus goes retrograde on May 18, 2004.

The current Mars is heading towards Saturn in transit, around May 22nd to 25th, 04 exactly. So it's boiling explosively again.

In addition to the retrograde Venus, the election of the Federal President in Germany also falls under the decaying Mars / Saturn, which indicates a stubborn to destructive voting behavior. The dates of birth of the candidates are not available. The favorite, if there is one, has a disadvantage under this election date. Apparently the fear dominates that the man will criticize and complain too much. Or, there is another troublemaker - Filbinger has already been mentioned.

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