Are you obsessed with yourself

Translation of "self-possessed" in spanish

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He is by himself self obsessed. but not psychotic.
Spartacus is from the gods self obsessed.

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I even did not that long ago self Which obsessed.
En realidad poseía un par de ellos en mi casa hasta no hace demasiado.
I think he did self persuaded obsessed to be of Curwen's mind, or whatever you want to call it.
Creo que él se ha convencido de que está poseído ... por el espíritu de Corwen o como quiera llamarlo.
Why do we all want to do this? I even have it once self a Tudor thing obsessed.
¿Por qué todos queremos hacer eso? Incluso yo tuve alguna cosa Tudor alguna vez.
Some Union supporters spread that Buell was a sympathizer of the South because he was one of the few Union officers who self once slaves obsessed had.
Algunos nordistas sospechaban que Buell era un simpatizante sureño porque él era uno de los pocos oficiales federales que era dueño de esclavos (heredó a los esclavos de la familia de su esposa).
I even have it once self a Tudor thing obsessed.
Incluso yo tuve alguna cosa Tudor alguna vez.
Suddenly the whole city was obsessed.
De pronto, toda la ciudad estaba poseída.
This creature had my favorite obsessed.
Esa criatura había conseguido a mi querida niña.
You are of the truth obsessed.
She and Alex were from each other obsessed.
The guy is obsessed of Viking burials.
He is obsessed of fidelity and marriage ...
Está como loco en lo que se refiere a la fidelidad y el matrimonio ...
This creature had my beloved obsessed.
La bestia había tenido a mi querida niña.
Rambaldi was on the subject of immortality obsessed.
Como sabes, la inmortalidad fue una de las obsesiones de Rambaldi.
But the lead singer was total obsessed from a record deal.
Pero el solista principal, estaba tan obsesionado con Obtener una oferta de grabación.
He is obsessed of African masks.
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