What should every football fan know

Useless football knowledge

Here you will find 11 exciting facts about football. You can find out here why the player Antonio Rattin was pelted with chocolate bars and why a football is actually an icosahedron.

  1. Nobody knows exactly when the first soccer game was played. But one thing is certain: a few thousand years ago there was a game in China in which a ball was played with one's feet. However, we no longer know the exact rules of the game today.
  2. The first real soccer rules were made 1863 put on paper in England. A few years before that, also in England, the first football club was founded. That is why England is considered the motherland of football.
  3. The optimal length of a blade of grass on a soccer field is 28 millimeters.
  4. A classic soccer ball consists of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. The mathematical name for this geometric shape is called Icosahedron. So a soccer ball is a truncated icosahedron.
  5. Midfielder Ronny from Brazil is known to football fans for his hard shots. Ronny hammered a free kick into the goal at Sporting Lisbon at over 200 km / h.
  6. India did not take part in the World Cup in 1950 despite having passed the qualification because they were not allowed to barefoot to play.
  7. In the Faroe Islands, because it is so windy, a third player is allowed into the penalty area to hold the ball.
  8. In the 1966 World Cup quarter-finals between England and Argentina, referee Rudolf Kreitlein showed Argentinian Antonio Rattin the red card. But Rattin refused to leave the field and was therefore taken away by the police after a few minutes. Meanwhile, the player was featured by the spectators Chocolate bars thrown at. He picked it up and ate it.
  9. The smallest league in the world can be found on the British Isles of Scilly. It consists of only 2 teams. These two teams compete against each other for 16 game days each season.
  10. Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Play around the world 240 million People soccer.
  11. Because the World Cup trophy is so valuable, the winning team has to return it to FIFA in Zurich after the celebration. The players receive a gold-plated imitation, the so-called World Cup winner's cup.