How effective are spells

Unsaid spells

Spells, curses, and sorceries can also be used as unsaid spells (in the original: nonverbal spells) are executed. This type of magic is often seen with Albus Dumbledore and other teachers at Hogwarts, but it requires some skill. That is why the pupils only learn to do magic unsaid in the upper classes.

Already at the beginning of Harry's sixth grade, unspoken spells are practiced in lessons in defense against the dark arts, as well as in magic and metamorphosis. The magic spell, which is otherwise pronounced aloud during the correct movement with the magic wand, must be so clear in the imagination that it can trigger the necessary magic effect. To do this, it is necessary to concentrate fully on the spell and its desired effect and to really only transfer the spell to the wand with willpower.

Some therefore never learn to perform magic unsaid, as Professor Snape notes right at the beginning of his lesson on this subject in his usual non-pedagogical way. Learners tend to quietly mumble the spell they want to cast out of the sheer effort of concentration instead of conveying it by willpower. Because it is difficult for everyone to muster the necessary concentration, Harry sees more often classmates in the sixth grade who try to create non-verbal spells with bright red heads at meals or other leisure activities.

Although it looks more elegant to magically change something with a flick of the wand, in everyday life witches and wizards seem to prefer to cast their spells out loud. During attacks and wizard duels, unsaid casting spells has the advantage that opponents do not know what to expect for a few seconds. In order to be able to react magically quickly and effectively, many magical people cast the spells for safety's sake, even the curses and spells of the Death Eaters were clearly audible during the fight in the Department of Mysteries. That they mastered unsaid magic was shown when Hermione silently hexed her attacker Antonin Dolohow and this did not prevent him from seriously injuring her with a curse (HP V / 35).


Not to be confused unsaid spells with the involuntary spontaneous spells that magical people produce as children or when they lose their temper as adults: such emotional spells cannot normally be used in a targeted manner.