How can I buy a lifetime Photoshop

Photoshop without a subscription is that possible? Yes and no

At some point Adobe decided to switch the entire software offering to online subscriptions - that doesn't suit everyone! Here we explain whether and how you can buy Photoshop without a subscription.


Adobe Photoshop CC 2021

Platforms: Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X, Windows, Windows 10

The customer advantage of the subscription models is that they always get the latest version at comparatively low prices. Manufacturers can force their customers to pay for the software over and over again - even if an old version would be enough for them. Because that is exactly what many users do not want and because they do not see any advantages in the online features, they would prefer to buy Photoshop without a subscription.

Photoshop without subscription - how?

Technically, it doesn't work. There is no longer an up-to-date version of Photoshop that you can pay for once and then always use. It is only possible to have the subscription price activated for one year with a payment card.

But you still have a few alternative options with which you can use Photoshop without a permanent subscription:

These programs are independent of the Adobe Cloud and can be used permanently after purchase at no additional cost. But at some point they will no longer be able to open the latest Photoshop file formats. And of course you have to do without the updated features.

You have one more option: Use the latest version of Photoshop CC without giving out any account details for a subscription. You can even save money in the process. Photoshop's prepaid annual subscription costs 285.37 euros directly from Adobe. The so-called “photo subscription” still costs just under 142 euros. You can get away with it cheaper at Amazon and other retailers. The “Adobe CC Photo Subscription” with Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC and 20 GB of cloud storage costs only 132.99 euros. In this case, you use Photoshop with a subscription, but you do not have to disclose any account details.

Instead of subscription: Photoshop alternatives

For some, Photoshop is essential. You don't want to or can't get used to it and for professional reasons you have to rely on always using the latest version of Photoshop.

But if you are flexible and do not feel like making yourself dependent on a subscription for life, then you can actually fall back on Photoshop alternatives.

One of the most famous free graphics programs goes by the name GIMP. It is open source software that is developed by dedicated experts and kept up-to-date, but does not cost anything.

Their skills are roughly comparable to those of Photoshop. The GIMP is not for laypeople, but Photoshop does too. The functions are too numerous for this and you should already have some experience in the operation of such programs to be successful.

In any case, you can say goodbye to a Photoshop subscription completely. Upcoming GIMP versions will also be free.

Another option is PaintShop Pro. The program was shareware at the very beginning, was then bought by Corel and has meanwhile blossomed into a really professional graphics program. PaintShop Pro 2019 ULTIMATE currently costs just under 64 euros on Amazon and is even cheaper to get in the "smaller" versions. The application is particularly suitable for photo editing. It contains a lot of editing options and filters, some of which work much easier than with Photoshop. At a time when Photoshop had to carry out several complex steps one after the other to give a lettering a shadow, you clicked on the shadow function and only had to choose how big and how strong the shadow should be.

If you do not have to rely on the data exchange in Photoshop format, you should definitely take a look at this package. Of course, it does not require a subscription and also works without an internet connection.

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