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w + h GmbH is a new cooperation partner of Bücher-MICHEL

The price research tool for antiquarian books Books-MICHEL, operated by the Schwaneberger Verlag, receives with the w + h GmbH a new cooperation partner.

After long planning and a lot of programming effort, the MICHEL books, the database for researching sales prices of antiquarian titles, presents itself with a new cooperation partner, announced the Schwaneberger Verlag today. Schwaneberger Verlag is still responsible for the operation of the database; w + h GmbH is responsible for expanding and updating the book data. All historical and current data from antiquarians who participate in the Bücher-MICHEL and w + h GmbH cooperation are fed into the Bücher-MICHEL on a daily basis.

The aim of the cooperation with w + h GmbH is the further development of the book MICHEL. In addition to an improved search result with an increased number of hits, the usability for second-hand bookshops in particular has been revised. Users of the antiquarian software whBOOK now have the option of direct access to the data in the MICHEL books. This is done through a corresponding interface between whBOOK and the books-MICHEL. If approved by the respective second-hand bookshop, Bücher-MICHEL may use their book sales data for the database.

Users of the antiquarian software whBOOK, who have released their data for use in the MICHEL books, receive, in addition to convenient research in the whBOOK, an optional free advertising space on or in the MICHEL-Rundschau, the monthly magazine for collectors. Registration for the MICHEL books is still free for second-hand bookshops - including those that are not whBOOK customers - as well as libraries and collectors.