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Further training courses in process automation: Process Mining (Part 1)

Companies are moving in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment. That is why more and more companies are dealing with their business processes. Process mining is a relatively new technology that focuses on developing a range of intelligent tools and techniques aimed at extracting process-related knowledge from event logs. With the increasing adoption of process mining technology in companies, the demand for expertise in this area also increases. Employees face the challenge of meeting the development-related requirements of this technology and meeting the time-to-skill requirements.

Different weight training offers

There are now around 17 providers of process mining tools, where the degree of maturity of the tools offered is very different. While some providers offer basic discovery functionality without a conformity check, other providers offer more extensive functions such as process simulation, predictive analytics and decision rule mining. The development of more or less effective process mining tools is one side. The other side is imparting the necessary skills to use process mining and to be able to use the tools. The related further and advanced training offers of the providers are different.

Process mining know-how from the Celonis Academy

With its Intelligent Business Cloud (IBC) Celonis a mature and highly scalable solution for process detection, analysis, conformity checking and AI-supported process improvement with a focus on KPI monitoring. Data can be extracted from various databases and IT systems.

In the Celonis Academy an online training platform is available to customers around the clock. The training tracks are geared towards different user roles such as executives, business users, analysts, data engineers, business value architects and app creators and conclude with a corresponding online certification test. However, the certification must be renewed every year.

The courses last between 12 and 15 hours. In addition to the online training courses, the customer can also book the analyst classroom - a 2-day on-site training course - or the data engineer classroom - a 4-day on-site training course.

Fluxicon with interactive web training

The process mining toolFluxicon disco is more of an analysis tool than a monitoring or dashboard solution. Disco has perfected its fuzzy-based miner and filter functions for easy process identification. The independent tool analyzes data locally and thus guarantees data protection.

In intensive, two-day interactive web training units, the participants supposedly get to know all the necessary basics and the most important methodological concepts of process mining and work on real problems on their own computer in order to test their theoretical knowledge in practical applications. Alternatively, two-day on-site training courses are also offered.

LANA offers a mix of face-to-face and online training

LANA process mining is a tool with customizable dashboards and an automatic root cause analysis that also has connectors for ERP and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

LANA offers compact, 1-day face-to-face workshops to show participants how they can carry out and evaluate their own process mining analyzes. Free video tutorial is used to prepare the entry into process mining on your own screen. For this purpose, LANA offers online seminars on various industry-specific uses of process mining, which last one hour.

In the LANA webinars, practical examples are used to demonstrate to the participants how analysis methods, conformance checks or automated root cause analysis can be used for process analysis.

Signavio imparts knowledge in 1-hour live webinars

Signavio is a provider of business transformation solutions. As part of the Signavio Business Transformation Suite, Signavio Process Intelligence serves as an intuitive process mining solution with a focus on collaboration and integration.

Signavio offers various webinars (duration 60 minutes - live on the Internet) on the subject of process mining, in which the possibilities of process mining are explained using examples. The learning content focuses on the added value of the combination of process mining and BPM, how it looks in the Signavio tool and which analysis options Signavio Process Intelligence offers. In addition, the participants learn which factors are important for a successful implementation of process mining and what significance process mining has within the Leadec organization.

Modular training offer for PAFnow

PAFnow is a process mining solution that, in addition to various deployment options and an extensive list of data connectors, works with preconfigured reports for process detection, conformity checking, benchmarking, automation and rework.

The training offered, consisting of four modules

  • MODULE 1: PAFnow Viewer Training,
  • MODULE 2: PAFnow Editor Training,
  • MODULE 3: PAFnow Report Designer Training,
  • MODULE 4: PAFnow Data Engineer Training,

aims to prepare the participants to independently examine their own business processes with the PAFnow solution, to create their own evaluations and to improve the processes sustainably. At the end, the participants receive a “Certified PAFnow User” certificate.

ABBYY classroom and eLearning courses

ABBYY timeline With over 20 prefabricated components for process analysis and monitoring, it focuses on the areas of process recognition, diverse analyzes, real-time robot monitoring and prediction for neural networks.

One of the highlights of the tool is its unique “Timeline” visualization approach. The role-based technical product training courses are intended to familiarize solution architects and consultants with their own range of products and solutions and provide practical insights into the implementation of digital intelligence in digital transformation projects.

The online courses (eLearning) usually last 20 hours. There are a total of 4 classroom courses (between $ 300 and $ 1,500) and 3 eLearning courses (between $ 200 and $ 500). At the end, the participants receive a certificate.

BusinessOptix Academy with user certification

The cloud-based BusinessOptix Process Transformation Suite provides end-to-end process conversion tools for various use cases. The integrated process mining function helps companies discover, model, simulate and improve business processes, with an emphasis on collaboration.

The BusinessOptix Academy offers the following power user certification program:

  • Power User Level 1: suitable for all participants.
  • Power User Level 2: including reports and dashboards for tech-savvy participants.

There are still a number of webinar recordings. The BusinessOptix Thought Leadership series is designed to help companies gain knowledge from industry-leading experts to help them navigate the complex environment. The training material is stored in video format on YouTube. The own playlist on Youtube includes trainings, webinars and features and overviews.

Process mining not in the training focus

With UiPath Process Mining, formerly known as ProcessGold, RPA specialist UiPath offers a highly customizable process mining platform with the proprietary TRACY algorithm for fast rendering of process graphs.

Another highlight is the integrated ETL framework, with a special function for data anonymization. In his own Academy However, UiPath mainly offers training courses for dealing with its own RPA software and related areas, which usually last between 2 and 5 hours. Only four one- to two-hour webinars are offered on the subject of process mining.

Explanatory videos & webinars as a further training offer

MEHRWERK's vision is to integrate process mining into business intelligence functions. Hence will MEHRWERK ProcessMining (MPM) on the BI platform Qlik Sense and tries to combine the advantages of both worlds. MEHRWERK operates its own specialist portal as a webinar channel with videos on various topics relating to process mining, but no active training.

Minit has developed a process mining tool with extended functions for process improvement with the first version, which was published in 2015. Functions such as hierarchical visualization, the simulation of “what if” scenarios and interactive, Qlik-based dashboards deserve special attention. Minit offers a variety of process mining guides and a total of nine process mining videos, but no dedicated training.

myInvenio provides a process mining solution that includes functions such as simulation, decision rule mining and multi-level process mining and offers the possibility of easily visualizing and analyzing multi-level processes. myInvenio operates its own video library with structured explanatory videos or conference presentations as well as four webinar recordings, with only one webinar explicitly dealing with process mining.

Process mining without any support

QPR ProcessAnalyzer offers advanced analysis and prediction functions, customizable dashboards and improved BPMN modeling. Customers can fall back on various deployment options and extensive ETL functions.

EverFlow is a robust and intuitive process mining solution with various preconfigured dashboards, analysis options for social networks, root cause analysis and functions for operational support. The tool is based on an architecture that can handle large amounts of events.

ARIS process mining is one of the earliest commercial process mining tools, offering traditional process discovery, compliance checking, highly customizable dashboards, and automatic root cause analysis. Data can be obtained from SAP and numerous SaaS applications.

In the process mining solution from Apromore The extensive academic knowledge and research experience of a decade has gone into this. The open source software is available as a free Community Edition and as an Enterprise Edition with commercial add-ons, connectors and services.

Logpickr is a relatively new player in the process mining software market. It offers a user-friendly analysis of the process identification. The provider is in the process of developing a big data framework that companies can use to analyze large amounts of data and complex processes.

Providers such as QPR ProcessAnalyzer, EverFlow, ARIS Process Mining, Apromore and Logpickr even offer no advanced or advanced training seminars at.


Just half of the providers examined here organize further training courses that offer added value in terms of process mining. A corresponding certificate, which certifies the participant's skills in dealing with process mining, is only awarded by three providers.

In all efforts to impart expert knowledge, a technological trend is completely ignored across providers: The boundaries between pure process mining functionality and other disciplines such as process modeling (BPMN), process automation (RPA / Cloud Automation), business intelligence and machine learning are blurring always more.

A hybrid use of different automation technologies requires a completely new understanding of roles with completely new skillsets that cannot be conveyed with a monolithic, one-dimensional training understanding with a very strong product reference - as with most of the providers described above. The necessary re-and upskilling requires new training concepts, such as those offered by the Automation Academies based on the model of Bots and People.

This article is part of a three-part series that is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the most important further training opportunities in the field of process automation.