Are all clairvoyant media liar

Superstition or miracle? : The cards tend not to lie

When I come into the room, there is a pink cloth spread out there, two candles are burning. While she takes the cards out of a box, she instructs me: “These are Lenormand cards. Lenormand was a fortune teller who is also said to have laid the cards for Napoleon. "

She skilfully shuffles and distributes the cards on the cloth. “Every map and location can tell you something about your future,” she explains. “But you have to be aware that the future can be changed by your attitude or external influences. I can only show you the way, you have to tread it yourself. ”I nod and begin to ask her my questions about my success at school, my family, my girlfriend, but also about specific things like the idea of ​​joining a football club.

For fun, I also ask if I will be able to deliver this article on time. She points to the tower and explains that, in connection with the sun, it can indicate that I will be very satisfied with my article if I make an effort. Without my telling you much, she knows terrifyingly well about my thoughts, wishes and fears. She talks to me about feelings I never mentioned to her. "Is that just a well-trained knowledge of human nature or is it really some kind of magic?" I ask myself. After shuffling the cards and putting them back together, she pats the deck with her fist to dispel the personal energies.

I think about it on the way home. I think everyone should decide for themselves if they believe in this kind of magic. Despite her almost creepily accurate statements, I believe that she simply has a special feel for people. But if you let such maps show you the way for the future and think it will help you, you should be happy to do so. After all, belief is the most personal and most important thing that a person possesses. In any case, she is right about one point: my article is finished, and I'm halfway satisfied, too.

Paul Berger

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