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These are the 40 best cartoon series of all time!

When it comes to cartoons, opinions are divided, even if there are many undoubted productions that everyone can agree on: everyone has their favorite, mostly based on childhood viewing experiences. Sure, we are no longer so dogged today when it comes to defending our own favorite cartoon series - but in discussions about it you still feel a bit transported back to the schoolyard when it was argued about whether the “Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles ”would kill“ He-Man ”, or vice versa. Cartoons are always an expression of our own personality and profound experiences that shape us in our early years.

Moviepilot went out of its way to compile a listing of the best animated series not just from a decade, but rather all Decades. The ranking was created on the basis of user ratings - of course, there is no claim to objective correctness. With that in mind, here are the top 40 animated series ever made!

# 1 Avatar: The Last Airbender (US, 2005)

The Lord of the Elements is threatened by the evil Fire Nation - the US series even inspired M. Night Shyamalan's blockbuster film (“The Legend of Aang”).

# 2 Adventure Time (US, 2010)

The adventures of 12-year-old Finn and the wise dog Jake, uniquely animated and not just for children.

# 3 The Simpsons (US, 1989)

Our favorite yellow family has shaped the humor of generations.

# 4 Archer (US, 2009)

Archer parodies James Bond with relish. It's not for nothing that the title character looks a bit like Pierce Brosnan ...

# 5 Batman (US, 1992)

The 90s animated series about the most popular DC hero.

# 5 Once upon a time ... (FR, 1978)

Already from the 70s, but a timeless classic. Educational, beautifully presented.

# 6 When the animals left the forest (DE / GB / FR, 1993)

The fairytale parable prompted more environmental awareness early on.

# 7 Family Guy (US, 1999)

Seth MacFarlane's evil version of the Simpsons is now a classic in itself.

# 8 Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs (US / JP, 1987)

Of all the cartoons of the late 80s / early 90s, for sure the one with the best theme song!

# 9 Futurama (US, 1999)

Initially ridiculed as a Simpsons imitation, Futurama is definitely cult today.

# 10 Captain Future (FR / JP, 1978)

As iconic as a cartoon series like Flash Gordon was at the time.

# 11 Tom and Jerry (US, 1940)

A classic among cartoon series that never goes out of style.

# 12 Golden Boy (JP, 1996)

One of the series that helped popularize Japanese anime in Germany.

# 13 Detective Conan (JP / US, 1996)

Another manga adaptation that rightly made it into the highest ranking spheres.

# 14 Nu Pogodi - Rabbit and Wolf (RU, 1969)

Russian cartoon about the wolf people who tried in vain to catch the rabbit Zayat.

# 15 The long big vacations (FR, 2015)

In some ways the French equivalent of “Heidi”.

# 16 The Little Mole (CZ, 1957)

There hasn't been a child in generations who didn't know the little mole.

# 17 Pinky and the Brain (US, 1995)

"And what are we doing today, Brain?"

# 18 Darkwing Duck (US, 1991)

Darkwing, the hero of our 90s childhood.

# 19 Lady Oscar - The Rose of Versailles (JP, 1979)

The adventures of the not at all ladylike Lady Oscar Francois.

# 20 Gargoyles (US, 1994)

One of the most unusual cartoon series of the 90s - and not exactly child-friendly!

# 21 Bugs Bunny - My Name is Bunny (US, 1960)

Bugs and his posse made cartoon history.

# 22 Metalocalypse (US, 2006)

Very niche and therefore all the more fun (albeit brutal) series about the fictional death metal band Dethklok.

# 23 Bob’s Burgers (US, 2011)

The bell-eyed burger roast family always ensures the best entertainment.

# 24 DuckTales - News from Duckburg (US, 1987)

The DuckTales have saved Donald Duck and Co. into the present!

# 25 Chobits (JP, 2002)

The story of the budding student Hideki Motosuwa and the Persocons, extremely useful computers in human or animal form.

# 26 The Peanuts (US, 1965)

And to this day we ask ourselves: Will Charlie someday hit the ball?

# 27 Real Ghostbusters (US, 1986)

The charming cartoon series for the box office successes.

# 28 the Pink Panther (US, 1969)

The cartoon definition of the word "cool".

# 29 Chip and Chap - The Knights of Law (US, 1989)

And all 90s children like this: "Ch-ch-ch-Chip and Chaaaap, knights of right!"

# 30 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (US, 1987)

The martial arts turtles were also one of the defining figures of every 90s childhood.

# 31 The Gummy Bear Gang (US, 1985)

Oh, how we would have loved to try this magic drink (unfortunately we only had Capri sun).

# 32 Tales from the Crypt (US / CA, 1993)

Cartoon horror with a cult factor.

# 33 Batman of the Future (US, 1999)

And again Batman, who would like to hand over his cape to his successor here ...

# 34 American Dad (US, 2005)

Again MacFarlane with a copy of the copy ("Family Guy") - and hard to believe, the concept is working again very well!

# 35 Miraculous - Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (FR, 2015)

A French superhero series in the animation style of the "Incredibles".

# 36 Captain Balu and his daring crew (US, 1990)

Our favorite adventurers of the 90s!

# 37 Galaxy Rangers (US, 1986)

The Rangers must defend the free universe against aliens.

# 38 Disney's Big Break (US, 1997)

This series mirrored our lives as (elementary school) children.

# 39 Disney Phineas and Ferb (US, 2007)

Two freaky half-brothers who do a lot of nonsense to keep boredom away.

# 40 Doctor Snuggles (NL, 1979)

Who would not like to be carried away into the colorful dream world of the clever rocket builder?

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