Google is still making its search appliance

Acquire a powerful alternative to the Google Search Appliance with intergator

Considerations when Choosing an Alternative to the Google Search Appliance

Users are already actively looking for the ideal alternative to the Google Search Appliance, even if it will be a little while until 2019. In addition to technical and economic factors, it is important to include strategic considerations in the decision. In addition to monetary aspects and questions about service and support, the Data security a central role. Should the data for the internal company search remain in the company or is the cloud the means of choice? How does the switch from the Google Search Appliance to an alternative search appliance work? Is a GSA migration possible during operation? And of course, how about the acceptance of the employees who are familiar with the company's internal Google search?

Replace your Google Search Appliance with the intergator appliance for hardware, software and support directly from the manufacturer

We invite you to get to know the intergator appliance as an alternative to the Google Search Appliance. The advantage of the intergator appliance: On the one hand, all knowledge and all data remain in the company! As the leading enterprise search provider in the German market, we also guarantee support for the overall solution, i.e. hardware and software. Nothing changes for your users, because both the look and feel as well as the surface and functionalities can be displayed 1: 1 as with Google's internal company search. À la Google, search and correction suggestions, synonym searches, transliteration, “did you mean…” suggestions, cross-lingual and multilingual, are offered to users Search and many other smart functionalities are offered. With megadata facets, intelligent filtering and grouping and thus quick and easy navigation in the search results is possible. A connection of all company-specific data sources to intergator is possible through the more than 100 in-house developed Connectors possible in our out-of-the-box service portfolio.

The heart of intergator is the central, company-wide search in all digital databases of a company, but intergator can do a lot more. When you purchase an intergator appliance, you don't just get one adequate alternative to the Google Search Appliance, but also an instrument if you wish Social intranet based on search index-based apps.

Demo of the intergator appliance as an alternative to the Google Search Appliance: Webinar on demand

Request the recording of our online session for a demo of intergator and an explanation of possible migration strategies from the GSA to the intergator appliance as well as a field report of GSA migration projects. There is also the possibility of an individual online appointment (write an email). It pays to be quick: We are offering attractive switching conditions to all users of the Google Search Appliance until December 33, 2017.