Where can I get good book reviews

How do I get (more) book reviews? - 6 ways to get reviews for your book

In this article, I'll give you 6 free ways to get reviews for your book.

Why your book needs reviews

Book reviews are very important to authors because they can be the last decisive point before buying a book.

If a reader likes the title and cover of your book, they'll likely read the description first (many jump straight to the reviews too). If you like that too, he jumps to the reviews. These are then often the last hurdle before the potential reader clicks on the “Buy” button.

A few reviews increase the chances of sales tremendously
If you have no or bad reviews, a purchase is much less likely than if you already have 3-5 (or more) good reviews.

Think about your own buying behavior
Just think about your own buying behavior. In any case, for me it is the case that - whether I want to or not - I let the cover speak to me and then jump to the reviews. Only then do I read the description. Most of the time, I don't use Amazon's “Blick Ins Buch” function either - but many do that in addition.

Sometimes I don't even read the description before I hit the "Buy" button. We'll leave it open whether that's a good thing 😉 So far I've only had a few mistakes!

Reviews are an important part of your book marketing!

That's why this article gives you 6 ways to get (more) book reviews. Here we go!

# 01: Final call-to-action in your book

Possibility number 1 is actually relatively obvious and yet many simply overlook it (including me).

A little reminder as a trigger
A lot of people like to give you a review after reading your book and approving it, but just forget about it. So just give your readers a nice reminder at the end of your book.

You can write something like:
“Did you like this book? Then please take two minutes to rate it on Amazon. Reviews are very important to us authors, so that other people can get to know this book as well. Thank you for your time and effort! "

The next logical step
That can be enough to increase the number of your reviews. Often it is just the call-to-action that is missing so that the reader can take the next step and write a review.

Self-publishing makes subsequent changes easy
Thanks to self-publishing, it is no longer a problem to upload a new manuscript in which you incorporate this reminder, if you are still missing it at the moment (I'll do that now too).

# 02: ARCs

ARC stands for “Advanced Readers Copy”. So these are review copies that you can give to a small group of readers before your book is published, who in return will write you a review on Amazon.

Use your email list
This option works best if you've already built up a small email list (you should definitely do that, by the way). Then you can easily build a group of readers who will receive review copies of your books from you and will be happy to write a review for you.

Just ask
Just ask the subscribers on your email list if they are interested in being the first to read and review your books. There will surely be a few who would be happy to receive free books from you and would be happy to write a review for you on Amazon.

A little hint:
So ask your subscribers to write the following in the review above in the review on Amazon: "I received a review copy from the author beforehand.”

This can help ensure that the early reviews (maybe even before the release, because you uploaded it as a pre-order on Amazon) are not deleted.

PS: You haven't started building your own email list yet? Then you should definitely check out my book “Email Marketing For Authors: Gaining Real Fans and Selling More Books”. In it I will explain everything you need to know about “email marketing” and what you need for it.

# 03: Ask for it in emails

If you have a newsletter, you will occasionally send e-mails back and forth with your subscribers and readers. It often turns out that they have read one of your books. That was only recently the case with me.

Seize the right opportunity
You can use this opportunity to nicely ask your subscribers to write you a review on Amazon. The one or the other will be happy to do it.

Again, it's just that little push that is enough to increase the number of your reviews.

# 04: Reading rounds at Lovelybooks

I already reported about Lovelybooks in the article “8 free ways to get your book out there”. There you can start a reading round and receive a review from the participants on Amazon.

This takes you directly to Lovelybooks: click me

Time well invested
Of course, you also have to administer and maintain this reading group, as well as keep in contact with your test readers so that the group starts properly. That takes some time, which you should invest. The reviews are worth it.

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# 05: Write to book bloggers

There are quite a few book bloggers and vloggers on this so-called "Internet"! These can be found quite easily on Twitter by searching for the relevant hashtags.

These hashtags include:

  • #Bookblogger
  • #Review
  • #Booktube
  • #Bookvlog
  • #Author's life
  • #Books

Once you've found a few book bloggers, just drop them a nice email. But keep in mind that these bloggers receive quite a few e-mails of this kind every day.

Stand out from the crowd
So it is important that you stand out from the crowd. You do that with a good subject line and individual content of your email.

Find out the blogger's name, speak to him / her personally, only write 'to the bloggers who write reviews in your genre, explain why your book is of added value for its readers and' don't be angry if you don't Get answer. Most of them won't answer you, but a few definitely will. And with a little luck, they'll write a review on Amazon.

# 06: acquaintances

This option is also fairly obvious BUT you have to be careful! You should never let family members and friends buy your book on Amazon, as this may improve your chart placement in the short term, but it will damage you in the long term because you will confuse the Amazon algorithm.

You can find out more about this in this video:

Subscribe YouTube to the YouTube channel so as not to miss any new videos: click ‘me

Lend or give away

It is important that you lend your book to your friends or give it to them so that they can read and review it. Here, too, you have to be careful because, according to the Amazon terms and conditions, you are not allowed to receive reviews from family and friends. This can lead to deletion of the reviews.

Contacts that are not as close as e.g. Facebook friends or network colleagues should work without you having to worry about anything. But I wanted to have warned you 😉


Those were 6 ways to get reviews for your book. Reviews are important and can boost your book sales. Often they are the tip of the balance that decides whether a potential reader will buy your book or not. Therefore, the effort is definitely worth it (especially at the beginning).

Especially when potential readers come into contact with you and your books for the first time (because they may have discovered it by chance on Amazon), reviews are very, very important.

If there is already contact with the reader, it is much easier to sell your book and the reviews lose a little weight.

Do you have any other tips for getting reviews? Please write them in the comments! I would be very happy about that!
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