What attracts jinn

Praise is due to Allaah, the Lord of Creatures, and may Allaah honor and prosper His Messenger, his family and companions!

And now to the question:

Unfortunately, we cannot discuss your fears in detail here. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from a trusted professional who is able to diagnose your fears and determine their causes.

However, we also advise you not to surrender to satanic whispers. He whispers to many people that they are obsessed as soon as they notice something unusual. What you mention is one of the very natural circumstances that can affect anyone. A Muslim should not just be afraid of every problem and believe that a jinn has attacked him or that he is even possessed.

Of course, there is no doubt about the fact that a human can be possessed by a jinn. This is confirmed by the Islamic sources and also by experience. One must not, however, exaggerate to the extent that some people do, and let the Shaytan whisper to oneself that man is generally visited by the jinn.

Muslims should fear Allah and not fear full of fear that obsession can explain all problems unless there are absolutely clear indications of such.


We also recommend that you always do ablution before you go to bed and recite the Ayat Al-Kursî (the throne-stool verse) and the closing verses of the Sûra Al-Baqara before going to sleep.

In a hadeeth narrated by Al-Buchârî it is said that reciting the Ayat Al-Kursî before bedtime drives away the devils, and in a hadeeth narrated by Muslims it says that reciting the final verses of the Sûra Al-Baqara makes people feel ill protects. Reciting the Sûra Al-Ichlâs (112) and the two protective suras Al-Falaq (113) and An-Nâs (114) three times in the morning and in the evening protects against all evil.

Allah knows it best.



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