What should everyone know about Arlington Texas

John Isner becomes a (small) part of baseball history

John Isner opened baseball night in Arlington, Texas on Wednesday. It should be a very special one.

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Baseball may be a book with seven seals to many European sports fans, but America's Pastime is pretty well anchored in the tennis circuit. Not only among US players, but also among German coaching circles. Michael Kohlmann, Head of Men's Tennis in the German Tennis Association, is an ardent supporter of the Atlanta Braves and follows their matches as meticulously as Lars Uebel, sporting director of the TennisBase in Oberhaching, follows those of the New York Mets. Christopher Kas, who plays with some US professionals in a fantasy league, is also deeply involved.

One could assume that John Isner is very familiar with Major League Baseball. Even if he has a big problem, due to his origins. “I love baseball. The problem is that I don't really share the excitement for a team because there isn't one in North Carolina. "

Isner on a promotional tour for the new tournament in Dallas

Nevertheless, Isner gladly took the opportunity on Wednesday evening to throw the first pitch before the match between the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees. This is mostly reserved for prominent athletes or artists, Isner also did this to promote the new ATP Tour 250 tournament in Dallas. “The litter was good. The ball got a little high, I was afraid of that. I let go of the ball a little early. But I didn't want the ball to hit the ground. "

What John Isner could not know at the time of his throw: A small chapter of baseball history was to be written afterwards. Because Corey Kluber, the thrower of the New York Yankees, did not let a single Texas Rangers batsman come with a successful attempt to hit one of the bases. A so-called “no hitter”, the first for the New York Yankees since 1999. Still a specialty, even if there have already been six in the current, still young season.

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