What is it like to ski in Scandinavia?

Skiing in Scandinavia - an incomparable experience of nature

Northern lights, reindeer on the slopes and skiing under a magical pink light. Welcome to Scandinavia and the home of snow.

Our Scandinavian ski areas are both secluded and centrally located. Even if the next big cities and airports are not far, the nature is wild, barren and breathtaking. The ski areas are surrounded by endless forests and you can often see reindeer on the slopes. Ptarmigan soar as you ski past them, and the possibilities for summit tours and ski hikes are endless.

Skiing in Scandinavia in the dead of winter

Visit our ski areas in the dead of winter and enjoy illuminated slopes under the starry sky. In the dark winter months, we offer morning and evening runs with illuminated runs at all of our ski areas in Scandinavia. You might even be lucky enough to take some turns in the glow of the northern lights!

Ski vacation in late winter

Late winter is a unique time in the mountains. This is the period between winter and spring when the nights are still cold, but the sun is already developing its warming power during the day. The slopes are at their best, and those who like hard, fast slopes should get up early, while those who prefer soft spring snow can sleep in before conquering the slopes that are already warmed by the sun in the morning.

Food and culture

We offer handcrafted food of the highest quality in all of our Scandinavian travel destinations. Various restaurants have won awards and specialize in regional delicacies and products. In Åre alone there are ten restaurants that are featured on the list of recommended restaurants in the White Guide (the largest restaurant and café guide in Sweden). Anyone interested in Sami culture can visit the Sámi park Lopme Laaante in Vemdalen. Here you can get acquainted with the history, culture and eating habits of the seeds.

150 days of skiing a year

Due to the geographical location of our Scandinavian ski areas, it is possible to ski from the end of November to the beginning of May. Of course, the SkiStar snow guarantee is valid for the whole season and gives you the option of rebooking your trip or having your money refunded if we do not meet the promised ski conditions.