Why don't you be afraid to be discouraged

More power against stress

They need to learn to play an instrument, find a rehearsal room, compose songs, find a recording studio, find a place to perform, etc.

You will meet people who are jealous of their ambitious goal, discourage them, or just don't believe they can make it. In addition, all sorts of unpredictable things can happen ...

No matter what kind of project it is - that there are obstacles to overcome and that obstacles are put in the way - is part of it. It is important that you learn to deal with these difficulties and that you don't give up straight away, but try to go through with the project!

But I am not good enough!

Often we stand in the way of our own success, are insecure and are afraid of not being good enough.

Julia (14) doesn't know if she is good enough to take the entrance exam for high school. Yves (15) doesn't know whether to dare to speak to Tina (16). Irene (14) doesn't know whether she should ride the new thoroughbred horse. Alvaro (18) doesn't know whether his professional experience is sufficient for the position he wants to apply for ...

If you - like Julia, Yves, Irene and Alvaro - are convinced that you are unable to achieve a goal and therefore do not even try, you have lost from the start.

Do you have a goal in mind and fear not being able to achieve it? Then you only have one option: to deal with your fear and to do exactly what you are afraid of: try to achieve your goal! If it doesn't work, at least you've tried!

Tips for overcoming challenges

  • Observe how others act in similar situations. Talk to them, ask them how they managed to achieve their goal.
  • Think in advance of what you will need to achieve your goal and who could help you with it. Good planning is part of a successful project.
  • Talk to people you trust and friends about your fears. They can listen to you and encourage you. In addition, talking is often the first step towards change.
  • No matter what the others say: "Do not get discouraged!"
  • Finally, take the plunge into the deep end. If you fail, remember that just trying is a reason to be proud of yourself. You can then try again based on your experience. The next time the chance that it will work has increased.