How are coding bootcamps rated?

Welcome to Coding Bootcamp Europe

Our Coding Bootcamp is divided into five phases that you have to go through on the way to: r web developer: in. Everything starts with your application, which is not yet a guarantee for a place in the boot camp.

This is followed by the selection process, during which we decide together with you whether this career path and the program really suit you.

When you have secured your place in the boot camp, the intensive 13-week training begins, which is divided into different blocks with different topics and realistic projects. During this time you will build up a huge repertoire of new knowledge and we will prepare you for your new professional life.

After the 13 weeks, the career lab follows, in which we will accompany you on your way as a fresh: r web developer: in for several weeks. We will put you in contact with partner companies that are looking for web developers and support you with any questions you may have before your first job.

The last phase of the Coding Bootcamp is the introduction to the alumni network. Here you can network with professionals from the industry and other course participants and benefit from their experience. The community is always there for you and can always help you with technical questions.

In the following we explain to you what exactly you can expect in the individual boot camp phases.