What is vasovagal syncope

Vasovagal syncope

Synonym: vagovascular syncope
English: vasovagal syncope

1 definition

As vasovagal syncope This is a term used to describe brief loss of consciousness (syncope) as a result of excessive vagal tone.

2 epidemiology

Vasovagal syncope is the most common cause of syncope.

3 Etiolopathogenesis

Vasovagal syncope can be triggered by standing for a long time, emotions such as fright or pain and physical stressful situations (neurocardiogenic syncope), as well as visceral reflexes during defecation (defecation syncope), micturition (micturition syncope) or the swallowing process (swallowing syncope). As a result of the cardioinhibitory (negative chronotropy, dromotropy and bathmotropy) effect of the vagus nerve and the inhibition of the sympathetic nerve (vasodilation), the blood sinks into the periphery and the brain is briefly undersupplied.

4 clinic

The symptoms correspond to the general symptoms of syncope, which can be associated with unspecific prodromes. (look there)

5 diagnostics

On the basis of the anamnestic findings and the physical examination, a cardiac cause must first be ruled out.

Proof is provided by provocation in a tilting table experiment with continuous recording of heart rate and blood pressure.

Differential diagnosis is differentiated from orthostatic dysregulation.