How strong are squid and squid really


The squids are mollusks that live in the sea. They belong to the class of cephalopods. They got their name because of the ink pouch in their body. In case of danger, they can eject ink from it. The attacking predator is said to mistake the ink cloud for the prey animal. By attacking the cloud of ink, he loses time and the octopus can escape. Squids have suction cups on their arms that they can use to hold onto their prey.

Until about 150 years ago, no one wanted to believe in giant squids. It was thought that sailors just made up such monsters. For a long time, the scientists did not even take the finds of stranded dead animals with lengths of well over ten meters seriously. Today we know that these animals actually exist. They are called giant squids, live in the deep sea and are up to 18 meters long.

Squids feed on fish and crabs. Your mouth is at the bottom of your head, right in the middle of the tentacles. They don't have teeth, they have a beak.

What are the different squids?

Sepia move with their fin hem. They can take on a wide variety of colors.

There are more than 500 species of squid. Many can even change their color. A distinction is made between octopuses, cuttlefish, squids and others.

The best known is the octopus. It is also called an octopus because of its eight arms. This is the Latin language and means "eight-footed". Octopuses have a sack-shaped body with two large eyes. There are no hard parts inside. You are very agile and intelligent. Octopuses also use their arms to "walk" on the ocean floor.

You can even stay out of the water for some time, escaping from an aquarium, for example, if the lid isn't tightly closed. As they flee, they push water out of their bodies and escape through the recoil.

A Caribbean reef squid with a conical body, large eyes and short arms

Another species are the cuttlefish. They say se-pi-en. They live close to the ground. They even have a species that is actually called "Common Squid". When cuttlefish are frightened, stressed, or trying to impress a partner, they change color. For example, you can create stripe patterns or spots and change the pattern quickly. A cuttlefish has ten rather short tentacles around its mouth. A fin hem runs around her long body. You can use it to move forwards and backwards.

Squids live in open water. They have a cone-shaped body. Two of her ten tentacles are particularly long. At the end of the two extended arms they have a kind of "paddle". They can use it to grab fish and pull them to their mouths. The other eight arms are rather short. The eyes of the squid are significantly larger in relation to the body than that of other squids. The squids move through a funnel from which they press water out of the body. In this way they can reach very high speeds. This drive is similar to that of a rocket.

  • This octopus has adapted well to the underground in terms of color.

  • Here you can easily see the octopus' suckers.

  • On the beach you can sometimes find the hard inner limestone part of a sepia. He is called "Schulp".

  • Grilled squid, or “calamari grillati”, is a delicacy.