Is the terminator a realistic premise

I am already curious how vehement the contradiction in the comments will be if I claim that Gülcan Kamps is not half as annoying as Paris Hilton.

Image: ProSieben / Oliver S.

The comparison between Gülcan and Paris lags in many places. Obviously through The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie "inspired" ProSieben series Gülcan and Collien move to the country Doesn't even work in the beginning: The attraction of seeing two spoiled millionaire daughters who never had to lift a finger in the middle of the dung is not there when you consider that Gülcan and Collien had to lift fingers. Both are immigrant daughters, Gülcan's father supported the family with his income as a taxi driver in Travemünde. Gülcan Kamps, née Karahanci, certainly did not grow up in high spirits and, as funny as it sounds, she has worked for herself the wealth she has been living in for several years. Furthermore, Gülcan is, as has already been read elsewhere, the older ones will remember, not half as annoying as Paris Hilton, and apart from that this is of course not the first TV show with Gülcan or Collien in which a lot of crap can be seen.

In the implementation it still works because the show was produced exclusively with a mallet: Gülcan and Collien play spoiled dummies, say sentences like “I want someone to carry my suitcase like always”, they are afraid of spiders, know not how to break an egg and wear low-cut tops in the stable, which was probably just as much an instruction from the station as the one to the Estermann family to appear in traditional costume and to speak Bavarian so deeply that subtitles are necessary. Voiceover and cuts are amused by the cuts.

Unfortunately, it works for a maximum of 20 minutes, then you've basically seen everything that can come. But then the show isn't even halfway over, and when it finally does, it becomes painfully aware that this was only the first episode in a whole series. That's right, the girls still have to learn at which end to tackle a pitchfork correctly.

Of course, it's a bit sad that Gülcan and Collien are probably paid far more generously for the work they do badly on the farm than the farmers who do the same job well. Of course, you shouldn't forget that the two of them are not actually doing agriculture. Their actual job, for which they are paid, is playing rich chicks on television. And they do this job in an exemplary manner and thus entertain millions.

The farmers only feed us.

Michael, June 25th 2008, 12:19 am.