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Green Corona Pass: Dangerous threat

The longed-for freedom is getting a little closer. Those who have been vaccinated, tested or recovered should be able to travel again in the summer with the EU's green passport.

If the EU Commission has its way, the member states should implement digital certificates with information about vaccinations and tests by the beginning of June. If you consider that currently only five percent of EU citizens are fully immunized, a very ambitious goal. In addition, important legal and technical questions remain unanswered.

Austria's government is still too slow. She rushes forward with her own green passport. An app showing the test results should be ready for use in mid-April. With this ticket you should first go to the hairdresser and the theater, later with proof of vaccination to the holiday paradise. The tourism industry is cheering. We can do it by April, is the slogan.

In truth, it all sounds like a dangerous threat. Quite apart from the initial chaos during the corona tests about the jumble of vaccinations, many technical projects in this country have not been covered with fame. The stop corona app? A failure! The department store Austria was a failure, the introduction of the electronic health record Elga, accompanied by failures, was chaos.

There have been too many full-bodied announcements. Careful work is required, especially with this sensitive, complex topic - and not another quick shot. (Regina Bruckner, March 19, 2021)