Who Are Googles' Greatest Web Search Partners

Google Search vs. Search Network Partners - How to Avoid Unnecessary Google Ads Costs

When you run a Google Ads search campaign, it is initially not only displayed in the results of Google search, but also on partner sites that also contain a search function. These can be other Google services, such as Google Maps, as well as non-Google pages (e.g. t-online.de or web.de).

What's the difference?

Searching for partners in the Google advertising network also works on the basis of keywords (more on this here). Accordingly, your ads will only be shown for relevant search queries. However, experience shows that it isstrong differences in performance between the Google search and the search partners.

For one thing, they are CPCs for the same - or even a better - position on the partner websites and apps are usually cheaper and on the other hand, the user group can differ considerably. In my experience, the users of the search function in the partner network are on average older and often more affine for B2B topics. This could often be determined by a higher conversion rate.

Of course, this does not apply to all types of products or services. In order to optimize your account in the best possible way, you should first analyze how the key figures behave in the Google search and in the partner network.

How to control the performance

Go to the relevant ad group or keyword whose performance you want to see within your search campaign. Then click on "Segment" -> "Network (with search network partners)".

Now you can directly compare all data - according to the set columns. Both at the level of the individual keywords, ad groups and ads, as well as totaled.

To do this, click on the plus sign at the very bottom next to the total of all activated ad groups / keywords / ads.

Optimize performance

Now when you find thatthe partner sites perform significantly worsethan Google search itself, you can easily exclude them. To do this, go to the campaign settings and click on "Edit" under the point advertising networks.

Then remove the check mark next to "Include search network partner".

Your ads will no longer appear on the partner network.
It gets more complicated when thatPartner network performs significantly better and Google search only incurs costs, but no conversions. Since the Google search itself cannot be excluded, the CPC has to be optimized here.

Take a look at roughly how much you pay for one click on the partner network and try yours Command to approach it. Your ad will then be shown significantly less in the Google search or placed so badly that hardly any clicks will occur.
This is how you save costs. The performance in the partner network, on the other hand, should remain relatively stable.

But be careful: Proceed carefully and in small steps. If your CPC restrictions are too high, there is a risk that your ads will no longer appear.

As already mentioned, these optimizations are usually particularly worthwhile for B2B campaigns. You can find more tips on how to best reach your B2B target group here.

Hellen studied communication design and business psychology and has been working in online marketing since 2014. As lead conversion rate optimization & UX, she prefers to deal with the topic of performance marketing and the associated landing pages.