How much does SEO cost in 2019

SEO costs

That should cost SEO optimization

When asked about the SEO optimization costs the first thing to do is to clarify which billing model makes sense. There are three variants established on the market, such as SEO agencies settle your costs:

  • Monthly SEO costs:

    The SEO costs Billed monthly is the most common billing method. For the sum X, the customer receives the service Y every month. A fixed monthly budget makes sense, especially for the topic of link building and because SEO is in principle an ongoing process.
  • Flat rate or one-time SEO costs:

    The cooperation with the SEO agency is only closed for a specific project, for example for the website relaunch. The effort is calculated here and the result is clearly defined.
  • Success-based SEO costs:

    Some SEO agencies offer a performance-based billing model. A one hundred percent "money-back guarantee" is not guaranteed, which is why companies should stay away from this method. In our eyes, the success-based billing is a pure selling point.

Even if the question of the price for SEO is difficult to answer, search engine optimization is not an incalculable cost factor. Anyone who is aware of the long-term effect of a top position in the organic search results will rather see SEO as a worthwhile investment.


That costs SEO optimization for us

Before hiring a SEO agency customers face the crucial question of price. However, since search engine optimization is not a standardized process that always runs according to the same scheme, the question of price, as already mentioned, cannot be answered across the board. Many different factors influence the effort and thus also the financial framework for an SEO project.

In addition to the type and size of the website and the number of keywords, the scope or the specific goal of the SEO service also play a role. The required effort and the duration of the Search engine optimizationCriteria to be taken into account when considering costs. Furthermore, it has to be clarified whether certain areas of responsibility of an SEO project, such as the creation of texts, can be carried out in-house. Last but not least, the competitive situation is also of decisive importance: Are you competing with a large number of other strong providers? Or are you operating in a niche market?

So that SEO costs do not get out of hand, in our opinion it would be better to have several packages for the start of the cooperation SEO optimizationcan be defined with fixed prices. In this way, individual goals can easily be checked and we as SEO agency have clear budget requirements for the various optimization measures. It is then a good idea for certain areas such as the Link building, the Content marketing or the management and optimization of the Google Ads account set a monthly budget.

Do you only have a small amount available instead of a regular SEO budget? No problem: we would be happy to offer you a one-off SEO check at a fixed price. We determine the status quo of your website and optimization potential. This gives you an expert assessment of the current situation and detailed recommendations for action. With this expertise, you can then independently carry out your first SEO optimizations.