What is BSN

Dutch social service number (BSN / Sofi number)

One of the first bureaucratic issues that countries in the Netherlands have to deal with is the BSN number in Dutch " burger service number ". BSN, or in the past also known as Sofi number, is a social service number used in the country.

 What is the purpose of the Dutch BSN / Sofi number?

The BSN or Civic Service Number is a unique number for everyone living in the country. It is a form of registration that is designed to support all interactions with local authorities such as opening a bank accountB. paying social security obligations and taxes, applying for a job or social benefits, obtaining health benefits, changing address, etc. The BSN is also helpful in dealing with misspelled names and identity fraud.

In the past, the BSN issued by the tax office (or debit service in Dutch) was referred to as the "Sofinummer" (Sofi number). In November 2007, all Sofi numbers were automatically replaced by BSN, and from the beginning of 2014 the tax office stopped issuing Sofi registration numbers.

Please note that the issue of a social security number does not necessarily mean that the respective international citizen can be employed in the country. People of certain nationalities have to get work permits.

Apply for a BSN number

Your social security number will be issued when you register in the municipality of the district in which your permanent address is located. Anyone who wants to live in the country permanently or for a longer period of time (more than 4 months) must register with the respective municipality within 5 days.

After registering and receiving a BSN, EU citizens must present a valid ID (e.g. a passport, driving licenses are not accepted) and the address of their place of residence. International citizens coming from outside the EU must provide additional documents (residence permit, contract with an employer, etc.).

Persons from outside the EU who apply for a residence permit have to register with the municipality beforehand. Finally, they will receive a BvB (pre-registration letter) from the Immigration and Naturalization Service and must return to the municipality after applying for a residence permit. Then the registration and the BSN are confirmed.