It's hard to make good friends

I tried to make new friends for a month

As Claire rightly notes, together we have reached several milestones in a contemporary female friendship:

  • Drinking together;
  • a series of honest messages, sharing of damaging relationships we had with emotionally inaccessible musicians from Australia's alternative scene;
  • and she showed me exclusive pictures of her sprawling snapback collection.

The time I spent desperately on friendly terms with strangers in order to write an article about it later wasn't exactly fun. Is it really true that friendships take ... hard work? Damn it, that's annoying. But even if this project made me feel very empty and sad inside, it was technically a success. I have exactly one new girlfriend and we'll be hanging out again soon. I believe.

I may be a particularly pitiable special case, but it's relatively normal to lose a lot of friends in your mid-20s when you no longer go to university and hit the weekends in clubs and bars on your ears. When writing this article, I thought I had discovered a gigantic niche in the market that I really wanted to exploit. I would invent a friendship equivalent of Tinder, which makes me so much money that people beg me for friendships so they can be invited to my legendary summer mega yacht parties too.

Unfortunately, I found out from my editor that this app already exists. So probably I should just recommend anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to use said app instead of being inspired by any of the above events.

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