Can you get drunk if you drink alcohol?


In addition to being embarrassing, binge drinking is dangerous and bad for your health. Alexa, 17, describes her last experience as follows:

“My girlfriend and I clearly drank too much at a party recently. At first it was really funny, but then I felt really dirty. Later I puked ... I think everyone noticed that. Embarrassing, I didn't even know most of the people there. "

Alcohol clouds your brain

Alcohol spreads quickly around your body and floods your brain cells. Because the brains of young adults are still maturing, alcohol is particularly harmful here. It affects your brain stem, which controls breath and heartbeat. Too much alcohol can make your breathing and pulse so weak that you may pass out.

Those who get drunk regularly damage their brains. The consequences:

  • You think slower.
  • You can no longer remember things so well.
  • Your spatial awareness is getting worse.

In the worst case, alcohol can destroy your brain so badly that your memory can barely function. Heavy alcoholics, for example, can only remember things for a few minutes.

Alcohol poisons your body

When you get drunk, your body is under stress. Alcohol acts like poison. This is why your liver is working feverishly to break down the alcohol. Repeated drinking causes permanent damage such as liver disease.

But every single intoxication is associated with acute dangers:

  • You are taking risks that you would never take soberly.
  • Film tear: You can't remember anything.
  • Important physical warning signals and reflexes fail.
  • You are losing consciousness.
  • You get arrhythmias or a stroke.
  • In the worst case scenario, alcohol poisoning can be fatal.

Alcohol can affect the way you function so badly that you piss your pants. This happens because as the level increases, you lose control of the sphincter muscle.

Check your own drinking behavior

Young people in particular become dependent on alcohol particularly quickly. Especially if they regularly drink large amounts of alcohol from an early age. You can check your drinking behavior with our test.